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Podcast, Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode Four (Oh, Baby, Ooh-Ooh-Oooohh)

Everyone needs someone to set a pick for them at the free-throw line of life. ...

Music, Reissue Reviews

Reissue Review: The Creation, “Action Painting”

You have to give me a little latitude here to rhapsodize about The Creation; my love for them spans more than 30 years, since I first...

Music, The Friday Five

The Friday Five: February 8, 2013

It's Friday, time to shuffle into this week's Friday Five!...


Lo-Fi Mojo, Music

Lo-Fi Mojo: The Creation, “How Does it Feel to Feel”

The Creation nailed a top 40 hit in the UK in 1966 in “Painter Man,” which featured the crazy guitar playing of Eddie Phillips,...