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Excess and Perversity: The James Bond Theme Songs

Radiohead released their rejected James Bond theme song over the holidays. How did it stack up against the accepted songs of the series?...

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Concert Review: U2, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, 7/6/15

For a group that once loudly and proudly proclaimed that they were reapplying for the job of best band in the world, U2 have faced their...

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Album Review: Mylets, “Arizona”

Now, that is what the fuck I’m talking about. From the first grungy, then vaguely pixelated, guitar chords of album-opener “Trembling...

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CD Review, U2, “Songs Of Innocence”

Now that the long national terror has abated, we can talk candidly. ...


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Sugar Water: Turn Off the Dark, Push the Panic Button, Rinse, Repeat

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark doesn't officially open until March 15, but it's already been slammed with some of the worst reviews...


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The Very Guest Of… Sinéad O’Connor

Untrammeled craziness is a disastrous career move. But sometimes craziness, tactically deployed, can raise a recording to greatness. A look...



Popdose Roundtable: “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”

Molly Marinik – I am always pleased when theater gets to stand in line with the pop culture stories of the day.  It affirms its...


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Bootleg City: A New, Radical Concept for the Future

There’s been a lot of negativity here in Bootleg City the past few months. From last fall’s mayoral election to the criticism...


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Popdose Contest: Win a “Spectacle” Prize Pack

The second season of Spectacle: Elvis Costello With … is upon us. Year two of the acclaimed Sundance Channel music series debuted...


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TV Review: “Spectacle: Elvis Costello with … “

TV viewers who enjoy good conversation about, and performance of music will be pleased to know that Elvis Costello’s acclaimed series...


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CD Review: U2, “The Unforgettable Fire” (Remastered)

So, friends, here we are again to determine whether you need to purchase the latest entry in Island’s U2 remastering series. First a...


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Live Music: U2, Foxborough, Mass., 9/20/09

We’ve got old songs We’ve got new songs We’ve got songs we can’t play We’ve got a spaceship But we...