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The Vinyl Diaries

The Vinyl Diaries: 2016—The Long Rest

Rob Smith wakes up from a long, propofol-induced slumber to discuss some fine 2016 music in "The Vinyl Diaries."...

Charlie Haden & Hank Jones

A Fan's Notes, Music

A Fan’s Notes: Favorite Albums of 2012

Ken Shane's favorite albums of the year...


Best Albums of 2012: The IrishJava Fave 12

Let the year-end lists begin! Mega-Springsteen fan Dennis lists his best Bruce-related and non Bruce-related moments of 2012. ...

Grand Hotel - Explorers Club

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New Music: The Explorers Club, “Grand Hotel”

I love new music. And I love old music. Therefore, by extension, there are very few things I love more than when new bands make old music....