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The Weekly Mixtape: December 2, 2016


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Songs That Kill: The Knack, “My Sharona”

Some bands would kill for a track like "My Sharona," a song that would not die....

Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 46

Lenny Kravitz spends most of his time as a Bottom Feeder and Kristine W. crosses over the dance charts this week. ...

AM Gold: 1979

Digging for Gold, Music

Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 69

It's 1979! That also means it's the final year of our look at the AM Gold series....

Bart Davenport

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Parlour to Parlour Bonus Track! (Episode 34A: Bart Davenport)

Before Parlour to Parlour closes the door on 2011, we have a special treat for you: two exclusive live performances by power pop purveyor...


Greatest Un-Hits, Music

Greatest Un-Hits: The Posies, “Going, Going, Gone” (1994)

Back in the 1990s, there were these things called non-sequel movies, and the people that made these movies promoted them with...


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Popdose 2010: Will Harris’s Top Albums and Songs

I don’t even know why I’m here, frankly. I think it’s pretty well documented that all I do these days is write about...


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Remembering Doug Fieger

The late Doug Fieger was the frontman for The Knack, but while many know him solely for "My Sharona," Will Harris reminds us how much more...



Regarding Doug Fieger

Many of us are world-weary, hardened adults. Very little causes us to suddenly sit up in shock and engage in reflection. Saying...


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The Friday Mixtape: 8/14/09

Read that headline and weep, folks. In just two more weeks, the summer of ’09 will be finito. Yeah, I know technically summer has a...


Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Friday Mixtape: 5/8/09

Brainiac – Kiss Me, You Jacked Up Jerk from Hissing Prigs in Static Couture (1996) Buck Dharma – Cold Wind from Flat Out (1982)...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 50

Welcome again to Bottom Feeders, your weekly look into songs that charted no higher than #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the 1980s....


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CD Review: Tinted Windows, “Tinted Windows”

The mark of any great power pop album is its ability to not only stick in your head after the music has stopped, but its ability to make...


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CD Review: Paul Steel, “Moon Rock”

Some things just don’t go quite the way they’re planned. For instance, I was supposed to be over the moon and in love with...


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The Friday Mixtape: 10/31/08 — Everybody’s Doing Springsteen Except Bruce (But He Has a Mean Woody)

Badly Drawn Boy – Thunder Road from Uncut Magazine Bruce Springsteen Tribute Volume 1(2003) The Knack – Don’t Look Back...


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Basement Songs: The Knack, “My Sharona”

Damn right, “My Sharona.” The Knack’s one monster hit, co-written by lead guitarist Berton Averre and singer Doug...