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Reissue Review: Daniel Amos, “Vox Humana”

It's (not quite) the '80s all over again....

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CD Review: Daniel Amos, “Doppelganger Collectors Edition”

Make no mistake about it. Daniel Amos' second effort of the Alarma Chronicles, Doppelganger, was weird. In order to cut through the...

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CD Review: The Choir, “Shadow Weaver”

Can an album be reflective, thought-provoking, and kick your butt at the same time?...


Kickstarter Alert: The Choir

Help alternative rock band The Choir complete their fifteenth album, Calling All Monkeys...

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The Popdose Audio Interview: Terry Scott Taylor of Daniel Amos

A conversation with DA's lead architect Terry Scott Taylor about the band's new album, Dig Here, Said The Angel (and an album review to...

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Daniel Amos Announce Kickstarter Campaign

DA set to return for a new album, to be released this December....


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50CCM50, Part Two

Welcome back! Apologies to all who have been waiting for Part Two to arrive in a timely manner. It’s been, shall we say, an...


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Dw. Dunphy On… Darn Floor Big Bite

Have you read the entertainment news today? Oh boy. A particularly dreadful tune is set to break some major records for sales, this...