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Album Review: Styx, “The Mission”

AOR rockers Styx return with "The Mission." Should they have?...

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World’s Worst Songs: “Miss America” by Styx

It has been suggested to me that I include “Come Sail Away” by Styx in this feature. But “Come Sail Away” is...


Styx Confuses “Re-Recorded” with “Regeneration”

Turns out they really do have too much time on their hands....


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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 5

Our celebration of AM Gold's compilation series continues with the first batch of songs from 1963. Hello Beach Boys!...


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Podcast: The Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour – Episode 1

Matt Wardlaw and Jeff Giles launch a brand new podcast with 35 minutes of Bruce Hornsby worship as they discuss Hornsby's new live album....


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Here’s Something Else!: Sorting Through The Curious Mysteries of Styx

A band suspended forever between the formalism of Dennis DeYoung’s Broadway pretentions and the harder-edged banalities of James Young...


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Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 47

Grace Slick takes us down the "Sea of Love" which Tommy Shaw reminds us there's "No Such Thing" as bad '80s music. Oh, how wrong that...


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Bootleg City: Merry Styxmas!

It's Styxmas in Bootleg City, which means lots of heartfelt yet bombastic pop-rock caroling, tons of Mr. Roboto action figures under the...


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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 13

What happens when pop culture forces collide, and why do they almost always suck? Matt Wardlaw, Michael Parr, and Dave Lifton discuss it on...


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Popdose Flashback ’90: Damn Yankees, “Damn Yankees”

In the spring of 1990, I was in the middle of the first long-term relationship of my adolescent life. By “long-term,” I mean...


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The Twenty-Second Day of Mellowmas: DeYoungmas

This Mellowmas, we've heard bluegrass, tween pop, and Lemmy, but precious little in the way of old-fashioned Mellow Gold -- until now. It's...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 79

Glad you stopped by for the third week of artists whose names begin with the letter S, as we continue looking at the bottom three-fifths of...


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The Steel Horse Archives: Damn Yankees, “Where You Goin’ Now?” (1992)

Jeff Vrabel is back on his Steel Horse again, and this time, he's taking us back to a power ballad that arrived just in time for the death...


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Jesus of Cool: We Wuz Robbed! Great #2 Hits of the ’80s

Jon Cummings' ongoing look at great #2 hits in Billboard history moves into the '80s this week, with hit tracks from the Bangles, Journey,...


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Mix Six: “Supergroup … or Superdud?”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE On paper, it sounds like a moneymaking formula: take individual members from successful bands, put them together...


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CHART ATTACK!: 3/16/91

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of CHART ATTACK! So last time we met here to dissect a Billboard chart, it was a Top 10 from...


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Death by Power Ballad: Tommy Shaw, “Lonely School”

Maybe eight or ten years ago, if you’d wanted to make some pretty decent money on a minimal investment, all you had to do was find a...