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Breaking News: Tower Records Founder Russ Solomon Dies at Age 92

Popdose is sad to report that legendary Tower Records founder Russ Solomon died at the age of 92, Sunday night, March 4th. However, as it...

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Moving (Picture) Music: Max Frost & the Troopers, “Shape of Things to Come”

'60 icon Max Frost urges you to get real, my troopers! There's only one problem......

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Soul Serenade: Ketty Lester, “Love Letters”

The scoreline for Ketty Lester reads one classic hit record and a respectable acting career...


Election Day Special: The Popblerd Staff Releases Its College Records

Trump wants to see Obama's college records? We'll show him ours......


Tower Records: It Was More Than Music

Why record stores were so important to a musical education....


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Sugar Water: Jesus $aves

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recently offered its one cent to married couples struggling through the current recession....