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The Popdose Interview: Julian Lennon

It’s never easy to grow up in your father’s shadow, no matter who you are, so you can only imagine how it was for Julian Lennon, given that not only was his dad one of the Beatles but also there’s a distinct physical and vocal resemblance between the two of ’em. After grabbing the attention of listeners with his 1984 debut, Valotte, Lennon continued to release new albums every two or three years – The Secret Value of Daydreaming in 1986, Mr. Jordan in 1989, and Help Yourself in 1991 – before taking a break for a few years. When he returned in 1998, it was with Photograph Smile, an unabashedly Beatle-esque album which found Lennon seemingly comfortable at last with embracing his heritage. Unfortunately, it proved to be the last thing listeners would hear from him for many years. Finally, in 2011, Lennon emerged with a new album: Everything Changes. The only problem, however, was that its emergence was limited to the UK and Ireland. At long last, however, the album has finally found …