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CD Review: Rik Emmett & RESolution9, “RES9”

It didn't go as expected....

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Popdose Exclusive Song Premiere: The Lipstick Junkies, “Build Me a Box”

If the Lipstick Junkies new song, ‘Build Me a Box’, gets stuck in your head for days, don’t blame me. Blame Canada! Blame...

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EhOR: Triumph’s Radio-Friendly Hard Rock Filled Arenas

Editor’s note: In this installment of EhOr, Jay Kumar looks back at Canadian power trio Triumph, who used a combination of hard rock and...


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Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 53

Dave Steed finishes up the letter T this week, celebrating the birthday of Bob Dylan with some Wilbury magic. ...


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Death by Power Ballad: Nazareth, “Love Hurts”

When Scottish cock rockers Nazareth slowed things down to play "Love Hurts," the whole world slowed with them. Rob Smith pays tribute in...


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CD Review: Triumph, “Greatest Hits Remixed”

Back in the ’80s, I don’t think I could have given you the name of five songs by Triumph, and perhaps, not even one song by the...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 93

We’re finishing up the letter T this week as we take a look at some more great — and shitty — songs from the ’80s...


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Ticket Stub: Chilliwack in Bermuda, March ’83

Alright, let me get something off my chest right away:  I’m lying when I tell you that this show took place in Bermuda. The truth...


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The Friday Mixtape: 10/2/09

The important thing to remember is that I didn’t set out to make this mix as it is. The initial concept was to pull out the box of...


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Death by Power Ballad: Triumph, “Let the Light (Shine on Me)”

Triumph was an arena rock staple in the late ’70s and through much of the ’80s, particularly in their native Canada, where they...


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Basement Songs: Triumph, “Fight the Good Fight”

In the world of Canadian major-league rock and roll, if Rush are the Toronto Blue Jays and April Wine are the single ‘A’...