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First Look: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Jeff Giles: It’s Anne Hathaway! As Catwoman! And she’s riding the Batpod! Michael Parr: If you say so… Dw. Dunphy: Huh. Looks like Liv Tyler. Michael: I actually agree with you. It barely looks like Ms. Hathaway, though my most recent viewing of Ms. Hathaway was during her breast-a-riffic performance in Love and Other Drugs, so my view might be obscured by the fact that she isn’t topless. Kelly Stitzel: I don’t think she looks very Catwoman-like. All I see is a woman wearing a leather jacket and some weird glasses on a bike. Dan Wiencek: Just what I was thinking.

DVD Review: Uma Thurman Takes On “Motherhood”

Writer-director Katherine Dieckmann’s new indie film, Motherhood, has the look and feel of an extended episode of Sex in the City, if Carrie Bradshaw settled down in an old apartment overrun with books and toys and she wrote a parenting blog instead of a column for one of the New York papers. Uma Thurman stars as Eliza, a harried mother of two who spends the film preparing for her daughter’s 6th birthday.  Her long to do list includes: buying a new dress; taking her son to the park; moving the car; purchasing the cake, goodie bags and all of the food for the party (using her bicycle as transportation); and making regular updates on her parenting blog, “The Bjorn Identity” (cute name). Added to her list is an contest essay she’s trying to write in hopes of becoming a paid journalist for a mothering magazine. Eliza is married to a scatter brained, compassionate man played by the ever reliable Anthony Edwards. He works as an editor for a travel magazine, a job he only took …