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CD Review: My Bloody Valentine, “mbv”

With just about a month in hindsight, was My Bloody Valentine's "mbv" worth it?...


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Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie, No. 3: “Invincible Iron Man,” “Valentine,” and More

In which I continue to take a look at select bound-and-published sequential narratives of recent vintage, some of which may still be on...


Current Events, Dw. Dunphy On...

Dw. Dunphy On… Love

We are fast approaching yet another Valentine’s Day and the endless stream of invectives that seem to follow it like sea gulls after...



The Love Post, Day Three: Music

We’ve talked about the books we love and the movies we love…now all that’s left is for the Popdose staff to celebrate...



The Love Post, Day Two: Movies

Hello and welcome back to our three-day Valentine’s spectacular! If you missed yesterday’s introduction, we’re taking...