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The Spectacular Simplicity of Gravity

Despite some rough patches in the script, Alfonso Cuaron’s film is a visual wonder. This movie rips a ground from under our feet, in “Gravity” shine George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts mainly fighting for survival in space. A simple story is captivating with magnificent pictures, 3-D sound effects for new and classic movie. Early in the film, when Matt asks Ryan what she likes best about their space walk, she replies, “the silence.” The Cuarons would have been wise to supply a bit more of it. When was it last at the end of the credits so quiet in the cinema? Only the breathing sounds of the side people are heard, then breaks from somewhere a soft “wow” the spell. It is as if the audience has to make sure only gently 90 minutes from the brilliant “Gravity“, to be truly arrived on the ground. No sooner is the fatal message arrived, hurtling approach a huge swarm and debris hitting the shuttle. Stone and Kowalsky, connected by a lifeline to survive the collision and find themselves floating in …

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy, “The Phoenix”: The Viewfinder Review

Fall Out Boy is not messing around. On the latest single/video off the highly anticipated Save Rock And Roll (Due April 16th), we see how the boys ended up in so much trouble in the video for “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)”    and it is not pretty. Be warned, if you care about Patrick Stump at all, this video may not be for you. As for the song itself, “The Phoenix” still has some rousing electronics underneath but for the most part it sees […]


David Bowie Shoots for the Moon in “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” Video

In early January, we got the news from left field that David Bowie would be issuing his first album in a decade this Spring. My night owl lifestyle has paid off once again, as just moments ago Bowie’s YouTube channel posted a second video from the upcoming The Next Day LP. Whereas “Where Are We Now” harkened back to 1999′s …hours album (admittedly not one of my favorites), “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is more in line with Bowie’s two most recent albums, Heathen and Reality. And of […]


Paramore Gets Their Sci-Fi On With “Now” Video

Seems like it’s been an eternity since Paramore released anything. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the release date of their last album was 2009. So, yeah…an eternity. And Paramore doesn’t seem like one of those bands that can successfully return from a four-year layoff (translation: their fans are still likely maturing in musical taste and in all likelihood are listening to something else now.) Nevertheless, Hayley Williams and her rotating cast of sidemen have returned with a self-titled […]


The Popblerd Interview: Soul Khan

New York-based rapper Soul Khan is making moves, both literally and figuratively. Once known as a titan of the burgeoning battle-rap scene, Soul Khan’s focus these days is making music. Lots and lots of music. Since retiring from dismantling opponents to focus on his art, one thing’s become clear: Khan is a hungry, creative emcee. His vast network of personal and professional acquaintances unite to make each album or EP unique, vivid; in December of 2012, he concluded a run […]


The Viewfinder: Bleu, “Somebody Else (2013 Version)”

Power-pop fans, rejoice! Killer solo artist, songwriter to the stars, and Popblerd favorite Bleu has released “Somebody Else”, part of a project to re-imagine the songs from his 2003 major-label debut Redhead. It’s all in anticipation of Bleu’s forthcoming 5th LP, To Hell With You, a fan-funded record that promises to be awesome. And we’ll be giving you the hard sell on To Hell With You when it happens, but until then, enjoy Bleu’s re-recorded “Somebody Else”, complete with modern production flourishes and […]

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Drews & Don’ts: 7 Modern-ish Country Songs That Actually Don’t Suck

I’m just gonna lay it all out on the table: country music sucks. Oh, there are qualifiers (there are always qualifiers). Before you collectively leap down my throat, let me list them for you: I am aware that country music used to be fairly awesome. So there’s no need to remind me that Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson exist; I’m keenly aware of them and have nothing but respect for their art. “Jolene”? “The Gambler”? “The Devil Went Down to […]


Drews & Don’ts: The Top 7 Great Unheralded Albums By Oft-Heralded Artists

Every Wednesday, music nerd and serial list-maker Drew brings you a small, highly specific, pop culture-related list to either enjoy or inspire debate. He remains the only Popblerd staffer pretentious enough to name a column after himself. First things first: these aren’t necessarily the most underrated albums of all time. That’s a different column for a different day, and for my money, would probably be populated with a fairly tiresome amount of Boston bands (still the liveliest music city I’ve […]


The Viewfinder: David Bowie, “Where Are We Now?”

Two words I was fairly certain I would never see again: “New Bowie.” He hasn’t released any new music since 2003′s Reality. And aside from a very few one-off appearances, he’s pretty much evaded media attention since the closing of the Reality tour in 2004 (which incidentally, was the highest grossing tour that year). In fact, the last leg of the tour had to be canceled due to the discovery of a clogged artery that required an emergency angioplasty. That […]


Drews and Don’ts: The 6 Best Overplayed Pop Songs of 2012

Good news: we have brand spankin’ new columns to go with our shiny new year! Drews and Don’ts is a new weekly endeavor, wherein our very own pop-culture-and-list-obsessive Andrew Ratliff writes a bite-sized list for everyone to enjoy and/or argue over. We’ve all experienced it before, albeit to different degrees: that immediate, gut-level reaction to hearing a fabulous song for the first time. “My lord!,” we exclaim, “this is a delight! I’ll cherish this song forever, and cannot envision a world […]