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10 Movies…About Magicians (To Prepare You For ‘Now You See Me’)

I’m not sure Now You See Me is a real movie—I’m pretty sure it’s part of the massive viral marketing campaign for last weekend’s huge Arrested Development revival. Evidence: it stars Michael Cera look-alike Jesse Eisenberg, new A.D. cast member Isla Fisher, and the plot concerns both the theft of money and cheesy, Vegas-style magic—I mean illusions. (“A trick is something a whore does for money. Or cocaine.” — GOB Bluth.) Here then are 10 certifiably real movies about magic anyway. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone If they’d made that Arrested Development movie, and it was solely about GOB and his rival magician, Tony Wonder, this would be that movie.   Scoop The ghost of a man played by a notable actor hamming it up (Ian McShane) helps a cute young girl (Scarlett Johansson) and her bumbling friend (Woody Allen) solve a mystery. Fun fact: Woody Allen wrote this in 1971 as a Scooby-Doo spec script.   Hugo It’s about movies, and magic…but really the “magic” of “movies.” Awww….   The Geisha Boy Jerry Lewis stars …


My Worst Gig: volcano!

Every band has one: the story of a completely disastrous train wreck of a show. Sometimes it’s the venue, sometimes it’s the audience (or lack thereof), and sometimes, it’s just the mysterious and fickle gods of electricity. This week, bassist/electronics wizard Mark Cartwright of Chicago noise-pop trio volcano! shares a story of severe technical difficulties—the kind that, when you’re the resident electronics wizard, can totally throw you off your game. Our worst show? There have been plenty one-audience-member shows. Discluding members of other bands, there was even a show with zero audience members… to top it off, it was in the basement of a pizza joint in Wisconsin with a 15-watt guitar amp for a P.A., and the opening act consisted of a guy writhing on the floor to the playback of noise-filled cassette tape. Sadly, low attendance shows are pretty common for many bands. Though perhaps more sadly, our worst show ever was actually our biggest. On June 24, 2006, in Paris, we played a festival in front of thousands called Villette Sonique. It …