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CD Review: Brandon Schott, “Verdugo Park E.P.”

California troubadour Brandon Schott offers a glimpse of his next album with his new extended single....

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PopSmarts: Looking for God in “Toy Story”

It’s not a revelation to anyone, anymore, to point out that Hollywood is no longer in the business of original ideas. It takes a great...

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The Boy: Remembering Songwriter Robert Sherman

It’s not fair that it sometimes takes a death to rouse us from our collective unconsciousness and pay respect to someone who deserves...

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Magic Music: A Happy Playlist of Songs from Disney Movies

50 years after his passing, Walt Disney's legacy is remembered through the happy songs his company has given to the world....


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Farkakte Film Flashback: Fred vs. Pee-wee Edition

Is the YouTube sensation known as Fred the new Pee-Wee Herman, or a harbinger of hell on earth? Pete Chianca knows the answer....


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Numberscruncher: Getting Value from Intellectual Property

Sita Sings the Blues is a great, sad movie about a breakup. The creator, Nina Paley, mixes animation styles and narrators, using the story...


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Film Review: “Up”

The new Disney/Pixar collaboration, Up, has just opened to some of the best reviews the studio’s ever received. While it’s a...


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No Concessions: The Sherman Brothers’ Spoonful of Bitterness

Here it is, not even June and with a case of blockbuster fatigue already. Pro and con, the fourth (fourth!) Terminator movie has already...