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Best of 2014: The 2014 Music Notable Awards!

Yes, at WickedLocal.com I’ve already run down my picks for the year’s standout albums, my 2014 mixtape suggestions and my ratings for...

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Album Review: “Weird Al” Yankovic Bids a Fitting Adieu to the Album Era With “Mandatory Fun”

Here's why pop's premiere parodist has recorded the last album we'll ever need....

Album Reviews, Music

Album Review: “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Mandatory Fun”

Let’s face it, “Weird Al” Yankovic albums are impervious to typical reviews — you either appreciate his song and style...

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POPDOSE Goes Record Shopping With PUSA’s Chris Ballew (aka: Caspar Babypants)

The last time I breathed the same air as Chris Ballew, lead singer and basitar player for The Presidents of the United States of America...

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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 103 (of 103)

The final installment of Bottom Feeders is here with Weird Al, Trisha Yearwood and of course a little ZZ Top to end it. ...

Blues for Dracula – Philly Joe Jones Sextet

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Popdose Prime: Boo! Top 20 Halloween Songs

20 spooktacular songs to liven up any Halloween party, courtesy of your pals at Popdose....


The Popdose Interview: The Paley Brothers

If you’re a fan of catchy pop tunes and you aren’t familiar with the Paley Brothers, prepare yourself: you’re about to...

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You’re Dead to Us: Medleys

In which we look at once common curiosities of pop culture that don’t exist anymore, be it because of changing tastes, the fragmentation...

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Like, Omigod! Digging Through the ’80s Pop Culture Box, Part 13

Here’s where we start digging into Disc 4 of the seven-disc box set Like, Omigod! The ’80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)....


I Says Yes, You Says No, I Says Yes: The Genius of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”

Kells' ongoing opus is the most brilliant thing he's ever done. Here are five reasons why....

AM Gold: 1979

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 69

It's 1979! That also means it's the final year of our look at the AM Gold series....


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The Weekly Mixtape: Some Rays of Sunshine in All This Darkness

It's been a rough summer for a lot of people out there, so let Popdose provide just a small pick-me-up for everyone....

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Popdose Secret Single: The “Hits” Of Dr. Demento

Popdose prepares to stay deee-mented....

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Greatest Un-Hits: Ween’s “Ocean Man” (1997)

Ween is one of those fantastic, cult-beloved quirky bands too interesting to ever be extremely popular that should have been one of those...


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Dw. Dunphy On…The Last Days of the Dual

The record companies decided to fight the scourge of free music downloads with...twice-as-expensive discs. Let us explain....


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Listmania: Never Mind The Parodies, Here’s 20 Weird Al Yankovic Originals

"Weird Al" Yankovic: he's not just about Lady Gaga parodies, you know. Join Popdose as we look back at 20 of Al's most memorable original...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 102

It’s the penultimate week of Bottom Feeders, with just one post for the 25th letter of the alphabet. Enjoy more tracks that failed to...


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Popdose Contest: Win “The Essential ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic”

"Weird Al" Yankovic hand-picked the tracks on his new compilation, the suitably titled The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic -- and you...


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Farkakte Film Flashback: Bio-picky Edition

In a stunning convergence of teeth and propellers, Hilary Swank's Amelia arrives in theaters this weekend, inspiring Pete Chianca to...


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Jesus of Cool: Michael Jackson’s Crossover Nightmare

Did Michael Jackson break the music industry? Jon Cummings examines the damage in this week's Jesus of Cool....