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CD Review: Daft Punk, “Tron: Legacy” Soundtrack

The movie Tron: Legacy arrives at a point of very good fortune, and it is the most unlikely of comebacks. First off, it’s a sequel...


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Soundtrack Saturday: “The Shining”

"Come play with us forever and ever and ever." Kelly Stitzel invites you up to room 237 to listen to The Shining's epically creepy...


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The Movie Music Megamix

So, how has the summer of ten been treating you, cinematically? While I was genuinely looking forward to seeing Toy Story 3 and Inception...


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Desert Island Discs: Tim Smith and Michael Quercio

Tim Smith (ex-Jellyfish, current member of Sheryl Crow’s band) 1. The Beatles, Rubber Soul My favorite period for the band, as they...