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Ol’ John Cougar’s Holiday Gift Guide

If’n y’all ain’t familiar with what ol’ John Cougar does round here these parts, go back and read some of my col-umms what with to...

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Dear John: Advice from 1982’s John Cougar Mellencamp

Need advice? Popdose's advice columnist, circa-1982 "John Cougar" is here to help. Also, he's an ageless shapeshifter....


The 31 Days of Horror, Days 20-22: A Stephen King Mini-Marathon (The Mist, The Shining, & Silver Bullet)

Nearing the home stretch of this list, I’m aware that we’ve doubled up before: the weekend of October 6th we looked at...


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Comics Review: “Werewolves of Montpellier”

There are two stories that Jason is telling in Werewolves of Montpellier.  In the first story, the thief Sven prowls the rooftops of...


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DVD Review: Michael Sheen, “United” and Undead

I first saw Michael Sheen in his native England, in a 1999 National Theatre revival of John Osborne’s “angry young man” play Look...


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Song-Off Jr.: Werewolves

“But suddenly a mighty tumult arose, and there were cries of “The werewolf!” “The werewolf!” Terror seized...