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Popdose Prime: Monumental Destruction — Top 10 Landmarks Movies Love to Destroy

Here are ten iconic monuments that get wrecked in the movies more often than a college freshman pledging a frat....

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies With Amusing Fictional Presidents

As Americans we like our president to be some combination of likable and better than us. Our last two presidents got in this way, albeit in...


Ask The Monkey Monk!: Any Way You Want It

Popdose's resident simian sage returns with advice for a certain hotshot guitarist......


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Thoughts On A Hostage Crisis

Thoughts On A Hostage Crisis: Think a US default won't affect you directly and immediately? Think again....


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Sugar Water: Off the Record, I’m a Liar

When things are said off the record in the world of politics, they should stay off the record. Unless I need something to write about, of...


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Political Culture: Whose Mandate Is It Anyway?

The last couple weeks have served as a brilliant, if butt-ugly, reminder that governance should be judged not on the back and forth of...