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Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: McKinley Mitchell, “The Town I Live In”

McKinley Mitchell was an under appreciated R&B singer who scaled the heights of the R&B charts in the '60s with the stunning ballad "The...


Here’s Something Else!: Kicking It Old School, Sam Cooke Edition

America's first soul singer was lost in 1964 before his abilities as a writer, arranger and defacto producer could become more widely...


Listmania, Music

Listmania: Top 50 Rhythm Sections (#35-21)

We're counting down our Top 50 favorite rhythm sections of all time! See who made the list as we look at numbers 35 through 21....


Cratedigger, Music

Cratedigger: Jeff Beck, “Truth”

Jeff Beck’s sister was responsible for a nice chunk of rock and roll history when she fortuitously introduced him to another young...


Cratedigger, Music

Cratedigger: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, “The Paul Butterfield Blues Band”

In 1965, one of the most highly regarded blues bands ever assembled coalesced around harmonica genius Paul Butterfield. Their first album...


Music, Rock Court

Rock Court, Small Claims Division: Led Zeppelin v. Franz Ferdinand

All rise. The rules of this courtroom are simple. You will be presented with two songs, one by the plaintiff and one by the defendant. It...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Bob Dylan, “Together Through Life”

This has been a year in which two of rock’s greatest icons have released new studio albums far ahead of their usual schedule. Bruce...