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Muse Knights 600

Short Attention Span Oscars: 11 Mini Movie Music Video Classics

I haven’t seen ANY of this year’s slew of “Best Picture” nominees. Besides the high price of tickets and parking, I simply can’t sit still while today’s over-indulged directors take up to THREE hours tell their freaking stories. All great movies share the same basic structure. Hero. Goal. Antagonist. Conflict. Love Interest. Setbacks. Resolution. Boom. Done. Story told. Viewer satisfied. Now let me hit the can to liberate those 64 ounces of Diet Pepsi. In the good olde days, you didn’t need a Sundance pass to see quality short films;  you could laze on your couch through an endlessly looping festival of 3-4 minute mini-movies on the MTV. For anyone under 30, MTV is a deceased cable channel that was dedicated to music in the same way The Learning Channel — TLC — was about education and BRAVO was for the fine arts. Today’s MTV is a reality-addled zombie that claimed its carcass. Granted most music videos then and now were simply band performance pieces, a bunch of non-sensical but very cool images, or wealth boasting in …

Jimi Jamison

The Popdose Interview: Jimi Jamison of Survivor

In more than four decades in the music business, Jimi Jamison has worn quite a few different hats. While perhaps best known for his work with Chicago-based AOR rockers Survivor, his trademark vocals also helped to power albums by ZZ Top (take a fresh listen to “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” for example), George Thorogood and Joe Walsh, among others. When he stepped into the lead vocalist slot for Survivor in the mid-’80s, following the departure of original vocalist Dave Bickler, it was an important addition that would bring the band a second lease on life and add an extra five Top 20 hits (four of them went Top 10) to their resume. The road-worn huskiness of Jamison’s vocals helped make him one of the most distinctive vocalists of the decade, instantly identifiable on a crowded radio dial, where sounding different was the key, especially considering the hefty amount of competition that he was up against. Never Too Late, the new solo album from Jamison, plays out like a lost chapter from the Survivor discography and …

Ticket Stub: Foreigner in Atlanta, November ’79

Some times you have to give in to nostalgia, which is why I found myself at a St. Louis area casino a few weeks ago to see Foreigner. A note had been left with our complimentary tickets letting us know that we were in for a good night of music. We were assured that although Foreigner guitarist/founder Mick Jones is the only remaining original member, these guys still put on a kick ass show that is worthy of the Foreigner name. And indeed, having seen the new lineup a year prior, I was very aware that this lineup of Foreigner, with veteran singer Kelly Hansen replacing Lou Gramm on vocals, did in fact have the goods. The rest of the Foreigner lineup in addition to Hansen and Jones fills out with veteran players that include former Dokken member Jeff Pilson on bass and vocals, journeyman drummer Brian Tichy, longtime multi-instrumentalist Thom Gimbel (with the band since 1995), and Michael Bluestein on keyboards. Out of all of the bands touring with “replacement singers,” the revitalized Foreigner …

The Friday Mixtape: 10/9/09

No major theme this week, folks. Next week, on the other hand, will have a theme very close to me, so don’t forget to stop by for that one. Yeah, next week’s mixtape is gonna RAWK, but this week… Eh. Now that’s some kinda salesmanship right there, y’all. Amorphis – Shattered Within from Am Universum (2001) Eddie Izzard – Squeezy Squeezy Things from Definite Article (2003) Glass Hammer – Longer from Shadowlands (2004) Joe Walsh – Look At Us Now from Ordinary Average Guy (1991) Lindsey Buckingham – Did You Miss Me from Gift Of Screws (2008) Megadeth – A Secret Place from Cryptic Writings (1997) Mike Birbiglia – Like Fun! from My Secret Public Journal Live (2007) Roxy Music – Editions Of You from For Your Pleasure (1973) Symphony X – Communion And The Oracle from V: The New Mythology Suite (2000) The Afghan Whigs – Faded from Black Love (1996) Uriah Heep – Sweet Lorraine from The Magician’s Birthday (1972) ZZ Top – Tush from ZZ Top – Greatest Hits (1992)