The Ever-Increasingly Infrequent Weekly Mixtape – March

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On a dreary Saturday evening, it’s random Mixtapery!

Here are some independent and non-Billboard artists that enjoy what they do, hope you enjoy what they do, and ask that you consider buying the albums from whence these tracks came.

Boy King Of Tokyo – Bill Lloyd, Boy King Of Tokyo

Counting Sheep – Jason Falkner, All Quiet on Noise Floor

Ghosts In Your Head – Josh Fix, This Town Is Starting To Make Me Angry

Guy Fawkes Day – Paul Melancon, Slumberland

I Loved Everything – P. Hux, Purgatory Falls

I’m So In Love – Secret Powers, Lies And Fairy Tales

Into Your Eyes – Neon, Neon

My Little Gangsta – Jackdaw4, Bipolar Diversions

Roll Up My Sleaze – LL Cosmonaut (Paul Steel), Why X5

She Makes Love With Her Eyes – Boy-O-Boy, Giants Of Pop

Too Late For Us Now – Roger Joseph Manning Jr., The Land of Pure Imagination

When Girls Collide – Tiny Volcano, Tiny Volcano


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