The Friday Five: December 28, 2012

The Friday Five

Friday Five : |ˈfrīdā – fīv| : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button in iTunes and share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up the media player of your choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Stop! In the Name of Love” by The Supremes (from Motown: The Complete No. 1’s (disc 1), 2008)

Last week, while scanning the television channels for the 24-hour A CHRISTMAS STORY marathon, I happened upon the White House Christmas special and completely mistook Miss Ross for Aretha Franklin. To be fair, the camera shot was from the back of the venue, and Ross was wearing a dress that was the size of a small igloo.

“Feenin'” by Jodeci (from Diary of a Mad Band, 1993)

My wife loves Jodeci. I don’t recall them having as much of an impact as she does. Must be a demographic thing.

“Alone + Easy Target” by Foo Fighters (from Foo Fighters, 1995)

The first Foo Fighters record really is quite good.

“Keep on Dancing (instrumental)” by Alvin Cash Scott Bros Orch. (from Skye Presents: The Breaks, Volume 3, 2000)

Nothing beats a funky groove in the morning.

“Spinning the Wheel” by George Michael (from Twenty Five (disc 1: For Living), 2006)

The psudo-reggae riddim absolutely dates this ’90s cut from Michael’s Older. Not that I’m disparaging the tune—I rather like it—but it is ready-made for Triple-A radio.

What’s on your shuffle today?

  • Mordalo

    The last Five of the year? And what shall we find today?

    1) Earth, Wind & Fire – September

    Starting this list off with a month? The month of my birth? Is this a sign, an omen, a portent? Doesn’t hurt that my wife was born September 21st, either. Good song, good start.

    2) Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

    I see my Walkman is in classic mode today. Another good song, one full of energy, which is a good thing since I’m on vacation this week and have been pretty much a lazy bum. Maybe this’ll jump start me.

    3) The Cranberries – Linger

    I’ll admit it. This is the only Cranberries song I know. Was it their most popular? Probably. I do have their “best of” CD, but haven’t found the time to investigate it further. Maybe I will in 2013.

    4) Dr, Dre (ft. Snoop Dogg) – Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang

    I am loving this Five so much. It’s like my Walkman said “Here are some of your favourite songs. Go and knock your socks off.” One, two, three and to the four…

    5) Weird Al Yankovic – One More Minute

    Could there be a more fitting song to end 2012? One of his most underrated classics (IMHO), this sadomasochistic love song always makes me laugh, smile and cringe. I mean, c’mon. Who hasn’t thought about cleaning all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with their tongue when their lover leaves?

    I hope 2012 was good for you, and if it wasn’t, may 2013 be better.

  • Michael Parr

    Any Friday Five containing an Earth, Wind & Fire tune is a-okay in my book.

  • drxl

    Since this is the lat fo the year, I could not resist posting one.

    1. “Peinados Nuevos” by Novela pop (3:38) from the 2012 compilation “Fantastico fin del mundo”. I just downloaded this compilation for free this week. Molécula Records is one of my favorite indie labels in Mexico. Unlike other indie labels, they are not very pretentious and they have a very specific sound: twee indie pop. They have introduced me to a lot of Latin American and spanish bands on this style, including this one, I had never even heard about. as a matter of fact, I thought “Novela Pop” was the name of the band, but it is the other way around. They are called “Peinados Nuevos” (New Haircuts) and they are from Bogotá, Colombia. You can watch the video here:, and download the whole compilation for free here:

    2. “ La Rueda de la Fortuna” by the Jonathan Arellano Project (7:33) from one of their EPs they released this year. Jonathan Arellano plays sax in two well known bands of the Mexico City downtown scene: URSS bajo el Árbol and Viernes Swing Band, and this is his solo project where he collaborates with a bunch of other players from the same scene. I had a chance to interview him in one of my radio shows this year, and he is an endearing character, very young and gifted. This track lays somewhere between jazz fusion and prog rock. The second half is much more interesting that the first one. You can downlaod it for free here:

    3. “110% (Colombian Rules)” by Don Alex with Laura Vane & The Vipertones (3:47). Alex González aka “Don Alex” is a young accordion player from Colombia who makes cumbia mashups, in particular, he adds live cumbia instrumentation to anglo pop songs. His most famous mashup invovled Usher’s “yeah”, but this one is also very, very good. Fun and danceable. Accordion, Keys & Programming: Alex González Fonseca. Bass: Harrison González Fonseca. Percussion: Cristian Cardenas Peña. Free download here:

    4. “Don´t wanna. . . (live)” by DRXL (9:41). This is me. The first and only track I recorded using Ableton Live. I improvised with some loops for a while and then planned to edit the whole session into an actual song or something. Never did. My goal was minimal techno, but th only other person who has listened to it said it sounded like video game music.

    5. “ Pecado Mortal (Brother Cleve Remix)” by Juan García Esquivel (5:06) from the 2006 Esquivel! remixed album. At the very heart of the Lounge craze of the nineties laid the work of Mexican composer, arranger and orchestra leader Juan García Esquivel. A lot has been said about his studio techniques and innovations, so there is not much else I can add here. What surprises me is that this remix album came out in 2006, meaning that the lounge revival lasted more than a full decade. Download here:

  • Aryl Watson

    Long time reader – first time shuffler:

    1. Jaguar Love – Welcome to the Birdskull Palace – Frenetic almost screaming – great stuff.
    2. Don’t Cry Out – Shiny Toy Guns – I wasn’t even aware this was in the archives. I’ll have to move this up in the mix.
    3. All Good in the Hood (acoustic version) – Jamiroquai Sure sounds like an electric guitar. I love these guys!
    4. Sally I Can See You Now – Kimbra – I love her vocals on this song & in general. Unique is a reasonable description here.
    5. Paranoid Android – Radiohead – So classic! I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard this song. Never got the fuss about Pablo Honey. OK Computer showed me how.

  • jhallCORE

    1. Lauryn Hill — “The Sweetest Thing” (Love Jones soundtrack, 1997).
    2. Prince — “Diamonds And Pearls” (Diamonds and Pearls, 1991).
    3. Charlie Musselwhite — “Just A Feeling” (Delta Hardware, 2006).
    4. Anita Baker — “No One In The World” (Rapture, 1986).
    5. Lucinda Williams — “Blessed” (Blessed, 2011).

    Enjoy the weekend and have a great New Year in 2013!

  • MC_Snocap

    1) They Might Be Giants, “The Mesopotamians” (2007, The Else)

    This probably “works on so many levels!” (hate that saw) for those versed in Mesopotamian lore or history or whatever. The march time and lack of strong hooks make me not care.

    2) Rubin Mitchell, “Mas Que Nada” (1966, off Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 14: Bossa Novaville)

    Have to hand it to the Ultra-Lounge series. They rarely feel like a back-catalog
    clearinghouse so much as a fan sharing the tunes and orchestration that spin
    his wheels. (Not in the George Michael sense.)

    3) Depeche Mode, “New Life” (1981, off The Best of, Volume 1)

    Mechanistic vocals and tweedly synths. Forward-sounding then, pure ’81 now. What’s today’s equivalent? Dubstep?

    4) Pulp, “Mile End” (1995, Trainspotting soundtrack)

    Jarvis, OTOH, = timeless.

    5) Elvis Presley, “Way Down” (1977, off Elvis 30 #1 Hits)

    Elvis released new music in 1977? Elvis had a #1 Hit in 1977?? And it was this??? Guessing it was posthumous and the chart was something like Progressive Mellow Gold in Portugal.

    Happy New Year, all!

  • Mordalo

    TMBG to Bossa Nova. Here I thought I had frequent cases of Five Whiplash.

  • Mordalo

    Welcome to the Shuffle. Here’s hoping you survive the experience. ;)

  • Rock_dawg

    Home for the holiday break, so it’s a rare opportunity to dive into the full archive. Here goes:

    “Four Seasons In One Day” – Then There Were Two, s/t
    I believe I’ve mentioned this duo before. Just a bass guitar and soprano vocalist covering one Crowded House’s greatest songs.

    “Into The Void” – Nine Inch Nails, The Fragile
    Took me a while to warm up to this album (love it now) but this track was an early stand out.

    “You Got The Silver” – The Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed
    Country Stones have never been my favorite Stones, but I don’t mind ‘em every once in a while.

    “Into The Mystic” – Jackson Hawke
    The only thing I know about Jackson Hawke is that they were Canadian, on Columbia records and that they released a single “You Can’t Dance” b/w “Into The Mystic”. I’ve had this 45 since I was a little kid, probably from my Mom. It’s a cover of the Van Morrison song but it’s almost like a mash up with the Doobie Brothers “Listen To The Music”. Some might scoff, but I love it.

    “Tailspin” – The Jayhawks, Rainy Day Music
    One of my favorite albums of all time and my favourite track off of it.

    Happy New Year, Fivers!

  • MB

    Widespread Panic – Boom Boom Boom (Free Somehow, 2008)

    Ray LaMontagne – Burn (Trouble, 2004)

    America – To Each His Own (Homecoming, 1972)

    Warren Zevon – Please Stay (The Wind, 2003)

    Yardbirds – You’re A Better Man Than I (Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds, 1965)

  • Rock_dawg

    Sales of “Way Down” were clearly boosted by people mourning, but for a song he couldn’t be bothered to leave Graceland to record, it’s not bad.

  • mc3

    1. “Wooly Bully”, Bad Manners (“Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed” soundtrack 2004)

    2. “Doctor My Eyes”, Jackson Browne (Jackson Brown [aka Saturate Before Using], 1972)

    3. “Spanish Moon”, Little Feat (Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans, LA 1974-09-19)

    4. “Too Much Ain’t Enough”, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (Anthology: Through the Years, 2000)

    5. “Gold to Me”, Ben Harper (By My Side, Retrospective, 2012)

  • Dennis Corrigan

    I’m going to take one more spin through 2012 releases for the final Five of the year:

    1. “Here’s Your” by The District Attorneys from Slowburner. I’m kicking myself for not including it on my faves of 2012 list. It’s got my sacred power pop trilogy of ringing guitars, harmonies and hooks. If you head over to This Is American Music you get the album for $5 and a free EP of of outtakes. Go now – I’ll wait

    2. “Long Vows” by Band of Horses from Mirage Rock. And you’re back. And speaking of harmonies, the Horses serve up some lovely CS&N style harmonies on this. I like this record a lot more now than when It first came out.

    3. “From Finner” by of Monsters and Men from My Head Is an Animal. Big big choruses

    4. “I’ve Been Waiting” by The Explorers Club from Grand Hotel. Speaking of the holy power pop trinity, these guys have it in spades. Looking forward to seeing them in February.

    5. “O’ Be Joyful” by Shovels & Rope from O’ Be Joyful. Loved this debut. Go see them if you can, they’re fun live (and given how much they’re on the road it shouldn’t be hard)

    Thanks to Michael for keeping Five going. This was another fun year for music and I can’t wait to see how 2013 turns out

  • Michael Parr

    I’m still not sold on the Band of Horses record, though I really can’t fault them after three amazing records in a row. I like a few of the tracks from the Sonic Ranch Sessions disc more than the actual record.

  • Michael Parr

    With early Depeche Mode smack dab in the middle … man, my head hurts!

  • Michael Parr

    Indeed, welcome aboard!

  • Dennis Corrigan

    I think if they’d sequenced it better, I might like it even more. It hits that track then two more ballads that sound fairly similar

  • EightE1

    Dusty Springfield, “Have a Good Life Baby”

    Gym Class Heroes, “Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast in America”

    Carpenters, “Hurting Each Other”

    O’Jays, “Family Reunion”

    Bruce Springsteen, “If I Should Fall Behind (MTV Plugged version)”

  • drxl

    I think that all of my The Explorers Club music was lost in my hard disk crash, but I sure miss it