The Friday Five: February 1, 2013

The Friday Five

Friday Five : |ˈfrīdā – fīv| : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button in iTunes and share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up the media player of your choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Positively 4th Street” by Bob Dylan (from The Essential Bob Dylan (disc 1), 2001)

Does this connect with 6th Avenue? A bit o’ Wikipedia research tells us that “Positively 4th Street” was recorded in 1965 and released between Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde as a sort-of follow-up to “Like a Rolling Stone.” It definitely takes a cue from that seminal Dylan track, though its bitting lyrics definitely stand in opposition to the feel good I-ii-IV-I chord progression.

“It Should Have Been Me Loving Her” by Bobby Taylor (from The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 9: 1969 (disc 46), 2007)

Looks like iTunes is really feeling the ’60s today. Every time the shuffle touches the mammoth Complete Motown Singles collection I end up with another new favorite song.

“God’s Dice” by Pearl Jam (from Binaural, 2000)

I’ll admit that I lost touch with Pearl Jam somewhere between Yield and their self-titled 2006 release. I don’t know, we just didn’t see eye to eye anymore. In retrospect it was totally me and not them. Listening back to these records is a bit like skipping to the end of a book, reading the ending, and then going back to read the second act.

“Those Magic Changes” by Sha Na Na (from Grease, 1978)

Nope. Can’t listen to this anymore. Not without thinking of this. Damn you, Travolta. Damn you.

“All Those Yesterdays / Hummus” by Pearl Jam (from Yield, 1998)

Go figure, I was just saying this is where I lost the beat.

What’s on your shuffle today?

  • Phil

    Toad the Wet Sprocket – “Something’s Always Wrong” (P.S. (A Toad Retrospective), 1999)
    One of my favorite Toad songs. I also like the versions Glen would do as a “duet” with the audience as part of his live acoustic shows early in his solo career.

    Armored Saint – “Terror” (Raising Fear, 1987)
    It’s hard to beat these early Armored Saint tunes, even with a clueless label like Chrysalis at the helm (they actually forced the band to include the horrid cover of Skynyrd’s “Saturday Night Special”). John Bush had such a great voice for the band. Too bad Chrysalis didn’t know what to do with the Saint, didn’t know the potential they had, or just didn’t care. I can’t decide which is worse.

    King’s X – “Julie” (XV, 2008)
    Great Jerry Gaskill tune dedicated to his long-time girlfriend (now wife). As with most of Jerry’s songs, this one has a shiny coat of Beatles inspiration all over it. His voice melds perfectly with Ty’s and dUg’s when they break out the three-part harmonies, but I wish Jerry had more of an opportunity to sing lead like he does here.

    Superchunk – “Learned to Surf” (Majesty Shredding, 2010)
    A certain Rock ‘n’ Roll Snob turned me onto this, and boy am I glad he did. This is my favorite from the album. I love the rhythm, the melody, and all the guitar parts battling for my attention in the stereo separation. And I swear if I ever start a band, I’m going to have a female bass player.

    P.O.D. – “Three in the Power of One” (Snuff the Punk, 1994)
    From the indie-label remaster of P.O.D.’s even idie-er first release, this song shows a young P.O.D. cutting its teeth on the hardcore rap-metal sound it would master and become identified with only two albums later. As such, much of the material on this album lacks the direction, maturity, and diversity that fueled the band’s success on The Fundamental Elements of Southtown or Satellite.

  • dwalsh76

    So my old school 80 GB ipod died on me last week. So last weekend I went a got one of those fnacy “new” 160 GB ipods from the apple store. Let’s see how it does for it’s first Friday Five.

    1. The Odds – Someone Who Is Cool. Holy hell. Completely forgot about this one. LOVE this track.

    2. All The Right Reasons – The Jayhawks. My god, what a beautiful song.

    3. Better Than Ezra – Porcelain. I put this song on sooooo many mix tapes in college, trying to get into girls pants. It never worked. Not sure if it was me, or the song.

    4. Spider John – Caspar Babypants. The perils of being kindie music blogger. When you hit “shuffle songs” this stuff will show up. As kids music goes, Caspar Babypants is pretty damn good. He’s Chris Bellow from Presidents of USA. He puts out a new album every 10 months it seems. And they’re ridiculously catchy. Dude has found his niche.

    5. Tony Adams – Joe Strummer. One of my favorite Joe Strummer solo tracks. So thankful I got to see him live before he died.

    My new ipod is off to a GREAT start.

  • dwalsh76

    I had a 25 year old look at me like a had 3 eyes when I said the words “Toad The Wet Sprocket” to them last week. I felt really old at that moment.

  • mc3

    That Travolta/ONJ video is obscene. I mention Woodstock below… for me the Sha Na Na part of the movie has always been a mandatory fast forward!

    1. Earth, Wind & Fire – “Fantasy”, The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire (1999)
    Will the “12th of Never” ever get here?

    2. Belinda Carlisle – “Mad About You”, Sounds of the Eighties – 1986 (1994)
    These 80’s compilations provide me as much pain & regret as they do happiness. I’m not “mad about” this tune, though credit to Andy Taylor from Duran Duran for some decent guitar work.

    3. Mikey Dread – “Break Down The Walls”, Best Sellers (1991)
    Nothing wrong with a little Friday morning reggae…

    4. Arlo Guthrie – “Coming into Los Angeles”, Woodstock (1970)
    I love the Woodstock movie and have watched it countless times. One of my favorite parts is the interview with AG after this song and his classic hippy lingo: “Far out, man”, “like I was rappin’ to the fuzz, can you dig it?”, “the New York State Throughway is closed man… a lotta freaks”

    5 Joe Jackson – “Happyland”, Two Rainy Nights (2004)
    Somehow I was ignorant about this song & event until today. Based on a true story. This is chilling in light of this week’s nightclub fire in Brazil. Read about it here

  • Phil

    Kids these days. Sheesh.

    “Get off my lawn! And pull your damn pants up!”

  • Phil

    Actually that reminds me that my dad was fond of referring to Snoop D-O-double-G as “Snoop Doggy Doo.” I used to roll my eyes at that. Now I thinks it’s funny.

  • Matthew Underhill

    Queen – “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Good song to kick off a Friday!!!
    Childish Gambino – “All the Shine” – Is there anything Donald Glover can’t do?
    Camper Van Beethoven – “Life is Grand (Live)” – “Greatest Hits Played Faster” may be my favorite live album of any band ever.
    David Bowie – “All the Young Dudes” – The Ziggy Stardust soundtrack is awesome. Though I still may prefer the Mott the Hoople version.
    They Might Be Giants – “James K. Polk” – Taught me more about the guy than history class ever did…

  • Dennis Corrigan

    Jet lag’s a bitch, so what better way to wait for sunrise than to spin up a Five via iCloud

    1. “When My Baby’s Beside Me” by Big Star from #1 Record. I seriously never travel far without a little Big Star

    2. “This Little Girl (live)” by Bruce Springteen & The E Street Band from MetLife 9/21/12. One of the surprises of the two shows I saw was Bonds coming out both Friday & Saturday nights to do this and “Jole Blon” but not doing Quarter to Three early Sunday Morning

    3. “Silver” by Echo and the Bunnymen from Songs to Know and Sing. Brings back college memories of darkened dorm rooms and Echo on the turntable

    4. “(I Know) I’m Losing You (live)” by the Faces from the Five Guys Walk Into a Bar box set. A killer version, complete with drum solo (but calls to mind Ronnie Woods’ drunken appearance on the Howard Stern show when they had to remind him how the opening riff went)

    5. “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones from Tattoo You. To quote @dslifton, “Ron Wood’s the only man to kill two bands at once”


  • Rock_dawg

    I know Duran Duran’s song about Happyland – “Sin of The City” (great chorus, too bad about the horrible “rapping” for the verse) – I’ll have to check out Joe Jackson’s song.
    I also didn’t know that Andy Taylor played on “Mad About You”. I’ll have to check that out with fresh ears.

  • Rock_dawg

    “Dilly” – Band of Horses, Infinite Arms
    This melody just makes me feel good. No idea what the song is about, it’s dreamy vocals just produce an aural euphoria and I can’t be bothered to analyze the lyrics.

    “Countdown To Extinction [Live]” – Megadeth, Countdown To Extinction (20th Anniversary Edition)
    I would love for the WWF, PETA or some other animal charity to use this in an ad campaign. A little Megadeth in the middle of your Sunday afternoon movie would sure get your attention, wouldn’t it?

    “Song For A Winter’s Night [1975 version]” – Gordon Lightfoot, Gord’s Gold
    Whiplash alert.

    “Mississippi” – Sheryl Crow, The Globe Sessions
    “I’ve got nothing but affection for those who’ve sailed with me”

    “Love Song” – Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection
    The most beautiful Elton John song that Elton John never wrote. Lesley Duncan is the author and provides harmony vocals.

    Have a good weekend, Fivers.

  • Michael Parr

    “Dilly” into “Countdown to Extinction,” into “Song for a Winter’s Night” is whiplash of the first order. Bravo, sir.

  • Michael Parr

    I’d say “poor baby,” but I know where you are (well, as I’ve been there myself) and frankly I think you suck right now.

  • Michael Parr

    I love this five.

  • Michael Parr

    I’m not going to lie, I occasionally listen to Caspar Babypants when my son isn’t around.

  • dwalsh76

    me too!

  • EightE1

    David Bowie, “The Last Thing You Should Do.” Blippy Earthling track. Not a particularly good one.

    Tame Impala, “Lucidity (Pilooski Remix).” From Innerspeaker deluxe issue. This is a band that’s really growing on me.

    David Bowie, “Shadow Man.” Gorgeous ballad. Sort of the antidote to “The Last Thing You Should Do.”

    REM, “Bad Day.” A nice middle finger to George Bush.

    Eels, “New Alphabet.” From the new one. The verses are kind of rote, but I like the chorus.

  • Phil

    I’ll have to check out the Caspar Babypants stuff. My kids latched onto Justin Roberts after I bought them Meltdown! and Way Out. The great thing was it was catchy, and it didn’t drive me absolutely bananas when we went on trips. And I found out I actually kinda like songs about picture day at school, trips to the dentist, getting glasses, and imaginary rhinos. Go figure.

  • Michael Parr

    Earthling has always been a difficult record for me. I genuinely enjoyed Outside, (“The Hearts Filthy Lesson” is a definite favorite) but I just couldn’t get through the follow-up.

  • dwalsh76

    It’s good. It’s catchy, but it’s meant for a younger audience. I would say under 5. But who knows, every kid is different.

    Justin Roberts is a big in our house. Maybe more me than my daughters. His new Lullaby record is about to be released on vinyl. Incredibly excited about that.

  • Michael Parr

    We alternate between Caspar, Justin Roberts, and Elizabeth Mitchell when the boy is awake. He may only be 8.5 months old, but when “Little Broken Truck” comes on he giggles and claps along.

  • Michael Parr

    I’m assuming you guys saw this.

  • Phil

    Justin Roberts is a big in our house. Maybe more me than my daughters.

    I feel that way, too. Heck, I even started trying to learn Way Out songs on my acoustic guitar so I could sing along (supposably) with the kids.

  • Phil

    I don’t know Elizabeth Mitchell, but my oldest two kids were big on Laurie Birkner for awhile, but she begins to wear on me after awhile. I guess my kids thought so, too, because they grew out of her stuff pretty quickly.

  • dwalsh76


  • Phil

    Heck no! Thanks for the heads-up! That sounds great! Man, I love me some Glen Phillips vocals.

  • MC_Snocap

    1. “Taxman, Mr. Thief” by Cheap Trick (1977, Cheap Trick)
    Catching up on Cheap Trick’s 70s catalog was like finding money deep in pants you haven’t worn in forever. Correction: Like finding gold ingots.

    2. “Kid A” by Radiohead (2000, Kid A)
    For many years I was the weirdo who preferred Kid A to OK Computer. The chilly sound was just more intriguing, less dirgelike. Over time, though, OK got more under my skin.

    3. “The Jam Was Moving” by Debbie Harry (1981, off Living in Oblivion, Vol. 2)
    Legend has it that the Debbie Harry and Nile Rodgers collaboration was somehow a disaster. This song might be fluff, but it’s snappy and playful enough.

    4. “Ice Cool Killer” by Big Audio Dynamite (1986, No. 10, Upping St.)
    A remix of “Limbo the Law”. I really loved this band – they seemed so forward . This still has a kick to it, even if time has overtaken the coolness of Scarface samples. Also worth noting: sampling repeatedly stopped their live performance cold.

    5. “Tony the Beat (Brooklyn Fire Remix)” by The Sounds (2006, Tony the Beat – Remixes)
    Mad about this song, and its pseudo one-take video.

    Hope everyone’s weekend is sounding good.

  • Michael Parr

    I can play half a dozen Casper Babypants tunes. He even supplies chord charts on his site.

  • jcb7472

    Gene Autry – “Can’t Shake the Sands of Texas from my Shoes” – was not expecting this one. I think I originally downloaded this because I liked the title, having visited Texas a few times and enjoyed myself. I’m not much of a country fan, but I do like some of the classic, older stuff and some alt-country. This is actually a pretty decent song.

    Wilco – “Poor Places” – speaking of alt-country! Good song of one of the best albums ever. (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, 2002)

    Pixies – “La La Love You” – another album track from another one of my all-time favorite albums. This is the Pixies at their peak. I hear they have rarely ever played this song live, but it’s an awesome upbeat number about professing your love. (Doolittle, 1989)

    Bat for Lashes – “All Your Gold” – this lady has a beautiful, haunting voice, hence the album title maybe? Check her out if you haven’t heard her music. (The Haunted Man, 2012)

    Frank Ocean – “Novacane” – another surprise, as I am not much into recent R&B music, but Frank Ocean is pretty good. Song is about a drug-fueled hookup. (Nostalgia, Ultra, 2011)

  • Michael Parr

    Laurie Berkner is on the “skip” list.

  • Michael Parr

    I know, right? Who would ever had thought that we’d get a new Toad record… well… ever?!

  • Phil

    Nor had I seen this — 5 Live (2) at the band’s Bandcamp site.

  • Michael Parr

    Oh, yes. I nabbed that when it came out a few weeks ago.

  • Michael Parr

    Love, love, love Doolittle

  • Phil

    Just grabbed it. Thanks again for the Facebook link. I would never have known this existed.

  • Phil

    1. “Taxman, Mr. Thief” by Cheap Trick (1977, Cheap Trick)

    Probably one of my favorite Cheap Trick tunes ever.

  • Ernie G

    South of 1-10 – Sonny Landreth

    STOPP!! Frændi minn á þetta!! – Ég (They’re from Iceland. That is the only explanation I can offer)

    Suzanne Beware of the Devil – Dandy Livingstone

    Skeletons – Rickie Lee Jones

    Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue – Bloodstone (from their misguided “1970s soul vocal group sing Broadway hits” period. It’s as bad as it sounds)

  • Michael Parr

    “They’re from Iceland” says so much.

  • Rock_dawg

    I’m actually the other way around (except for “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”). But I will grant that Earthling has a couple of annoying “blippy” (as the man says) tracks.

  • MB

    Blues Traveler – Last Night I Dreamed (Straight On Till Morning, 1997)

    Roger Creager – The Everclear Song, 2002 (Brewed In Texas, 2007)

    Jackson Browne – My Opening Farewell (Saturate Before Using, 1972)

    Paul Simon – Graceland (Graceland, 1986)

    Free – Travellin’ In Style (Heartbreaker, 1973)

  • jhallCORE

    1) Ryan Adams – “Save Me” (Ashes & Fire, 2011).
    2) Ambrose Akinmusire – “What’s New” (When The Heart Emerges Glistening, 2011).
    3) Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson – “Woe Is Mine” (Rattlin’ Bones, 2008).
    4) Bonnie Raitt – “Shake A Little” (Road Tested, 1995).
    5) Indigo Girls – “Jonas And Ezekial” (1200 Curfews, 1995).

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • Michael Parr

    1200 Curfews is definitely on my Top 10 Live records list.

  • Eric S.

    Those first three Cheap Trick albums are so good, you assume everybody knows them. Sadly, this is not the case. I feel the same way about early Aerosmith.