The Friday Five: January 4, 2013

The Friday Five

Friday Five : |ˈfrīdā – fīv| : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button in iTunes and share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up the media player of your choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Mystery Dance (Honky Tonk demo)” by Elvis Costello (from My Aim Is True, 1993)

Declan MacManus channeling a bit of his (stage)namesake; this is a straight up, barn burning, rock n’ roll rave up. I remember buying the 2 1/2 Years box set with every intention of really delving into Costello’s catalog, but never found the time to go down that particular road. That was nearly twenty years ago, so I guess, maybe, I can find the time this year?

“Endlessly, She Said” by AFI (from decemberunderground, 2006)

I dig AFI but this tune is lackluster at best.

“Wading in the Velvet Sea” by Phish (from 2009-03-08: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, USA (disc 3), 2009)

I swear I distinctly hear the chord progression from Air Supply’s “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” during the solo break. What are the chances that Page McConnell has ever noticed?

“Whatever Hurts You Through the Night” by Glasvegas (from EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\, 2011)

I absolutely adored Glasvegas’ self-titled debut record. I suspect that I just wasn’t ready for the follow up when it was released back in 2011, as I don’t think I paid it more than a cursory amount of attention. Listening now, I might have to go back and revisit this record. This song has a bit of everything that I dig about the Scottish band.

“Spider-Man” by Ramones (from Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits, 1995)

Pour yourself a big bowl of Cookie Crisp, pull up a chair, and reminisce with all your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Do they even have Saturday morning cartoons anymore? I mean, sure, they were thirty minute commercials genetically engineered to ensure that we would absolutely be begging our parents for the latest M.A.S.K. vehicle, Shirt Tale, He-Man action figure, or whatever pile of plastic crap the toy companies wanted to sell more of.

What’s on your shuffle today?

  • Phil

    Sparta – “Tensioning” (Porcelain, 2004)
    I came late to the At the Drive-In party, about the time they released their swan song Relationship of Command, so I was understandably bummed when I found out the band had called it quits before I even had the chance to take a deeper dive into their back catalog. So I loved Jim Ward’s post-ATDI Sparta from the beginning (well, except for the final album Threes; I’ve never been able to get into that one for some reason). I absolutely love “Tensioning” as well as the entirety of Porcelain, which contains one of my favorite Sparta tunes, “Breaking the Broken.” The whole album is a nearly perfect amalgamation of pop, swagger, noisy guitars, emo/screamo, navel-gazing, and aggression, and it became my gateway drug into other modern noisy pop bands like Mae and Anberlin.

    Smashing Pumpkins – “Blue” (“Unplugged” 100% Pure Acoustic Performances, 1993)
    One of my previous Fives featured a song from this collection of bootleg acoustic Pumpkins tunes, which is uneven and spotty at best. This is not one of the better songs or performances.

    Rush – “Losing It” (Signals, 1982)
    For some reason it has become popular to dismiss this album from Rush’s synthesizer period, but honestly, it’s one of my favorites from the band. Songs like “Losing It” have a lot going on behind Geddy’s vocals and the synths that seem to float to the top. If you don’t take the time to really listen, you miss out on some very tasty guitar work from Alex and the funky high-hat-based groove Neil lays down on this song in particular.

    King’s X – “Don’t Believe It” (Gretchen Blows Through Chicago 9/14/1989)
    Performance of one of my favorite Gretchen Goes to Nebraska tunes from a very muddy King’s X bootleg. Man I wish I could have seen these guys live during that period.

    Ginger – “Can’t Drink You Pretty” (Yoni, 2007)
    This song popped up in my September 21, 2012 Five. One thing I failed to mention that time was that the album title Yoni comes from a Sanskrit word for… well… a woman’s “down there” area, and nearly every song is about women, relationships, and yes, sex. It also features much of the same cast of characters that Ginger worked with on the albums he released (or is in the process of finishing) this past year.

  • Mordalo

    And welcome to 2013! After a week and a half off (which felt like it was about 12.5 minutes, actually…vacations are never long enough sometimes), we’re back and we’re kicking on the First Five in style! We’re really gonna class up the place this year! I can feel it in my old bones. Damn kids. Get off my lawn. Matlock!

    As I was saying…

    1) Suppé – Light Calvary
    Nothing like a little classical to begin the First Five, eh? This is off an inexpensive compilation disc called Overtures – The Greatest Hits. I bought this back in College in the late 80’s, which is yet another indicator that I am indeed, an old fart. Instead of listening to Guns ‘n Roses, I was listening to Classical and Jazz. Grunge does nothing for me, but put on a Strauss waltz and I’m in Heaven.

    2) Reminiscence – Remimiscence
    Did I mention I was also into New Age music back in the day? Got this track off of “This Is Real Music 1994 Samplet Take 1″, because I apparently had not only a diverse musical interest back in those days, I also had expendable income. Still have the diverse musical interest, but I’m broke as a joke. Did I mention I also saw Yanni live in concert back in those days? Those that knew me back then still give me shit about it.

    3) Robin Williams – Arnold, The Economy and Alternative Fuels
    Jeez, what is this? Classical, New Age and now Comedy? Is anyone still reading this post, or have they gone back to the Mellowmas archvies? For the record, I love Comedy albums. As a kid, I listened more to my mother’s Bill Cosby records than anything else. I think I wore out our copy of “I Started Out as a Child”. Robin Williams has always made me laugh, and this concert from 2010 is great.

    4) Van Morrison – Moondance
    FINALLY! Something someone else might have heard before!

    5) Afroman – Because I Got High
    I was rummaging around a used CD store (anyone else remember those) a couple years back when I saw the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack for three bucks. $3! How could I pass that up? Great disc, this track was the one that ran over the credits.

    Don’t tell me this isn’t one of the most diverse Fives you’ve seen in some time. Five Whiplash. What a great way to start your year!

  • dwalsh76

    1. Fresh Feeling – Eels. Eerily perfect for today. 10 years ago today I met my wife. This was on our wedding CD. Out of 10,000+ tracks on my ipod it picks one from our wedding cd. A rare non-depressing song from the eels and the strings are gorgeous.

    2. Show Me – Mint Royale featuring Pos from De La Soul. I adore this track. fun beat, great hook and solid lyrics and flow from Pos. Have i mentioned I adore this track? Cause I do.

    3. Settle For Nothing – Rage Against The Machine. Meh. I’m just not as angry anymore. OK track, but I’ve moved on.

    4.Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya – Dropkick Murphy’s. I’m a sucker for these guys. Actually, I’m a sucker for anything Irish related. Except for the Cranberries. Or Celtic Thunder. This song helps the time at the office go a bit quicker.

    5. Party At Ground Zero – Fishbone. One of my favorite live shows of all time.

    4 out of 5 ain’t bad. I’ll take it.

  • mc3

    Happy 2013!

    1. Little Feat “Spanish Moon” (featuring Craig Fuller and Vince Gill), (Join the Band, 2008)
    “Join the Band” is a release that featured guest-supported new versions of classic tunes. Fuller & Gill share a common history as former singers for the band Pure
    Prairie League.

    2. My Morning Jacket “Off the Record” (Z, 2005)
    MMJ make yet another appearance on my Friday Five.

    3. The Rolling Stones “Paint it, Black” (Forty Licks, 2002)
    Never been a favorite Stones tune of mine. To make matters worse, I discovered the file is corrupted and it also included the first 15 seconds of “Honky Tonk Woman”, which is one of my favorite Stones tunes. What a tease! To be deleted.

    4. Dead Kennedys “Too Drunk to Fuck” (1981)
    Went to a party – I danced all night – I drank 16 beers – And I started up a fight —- But now I am jaded – You’re out of luck – I’m rolling down the stairs – Too drunk to fuck!

    5. AC/DC – “Hells Bells” (Back in Black, 1980)
    The sudden-stop of the previous DK song followed by the distinctive bell tolls that introduce this song made for a perfect, yet random, transition.

  • mc3

    Count me as guilty on the “Signals” dismissal. Probably has more to do with how much I loved “Moving Pictures”, and where I was at musically when this was released. It’s been years – I’m going back to give this a fresh listen!

  • mc3

    Only $5.00 at the Amazon MP3 store!

  • MC_Snocap

    Truly the whiplashiest!

  • Rock_dawg

    “Dazed And Confused” – Led Zeppelin, Celebration Day
    Listening to the album is all well and good but watching the video is essential. When one of the guys smiles at another, it’s infectious. They’re having such a good time! I’m torn on whether or not I would have wanted them to continue: it would be awesome to see them live, but this one off show is clearly so special, I’d hate to see it ruined by a tour.

    “Game of Love” – Ike & Tina Turner, Capitol Rare: Funky Notes from the West Coast, Vol. 3

    One of the coolest compilations I have. If only I could find volume 2.

    “Slide” – Dido, No Angel
    Do you have an album that so captivated you that nothing the artist released after has lived up? There are some good songs on Life For Rent and I’m looking forward to a fourth album I understand is coming this year, but No Angel is too tough to top.

    “Taree” – Soundgarden, King Animal
    I’ve been listening to this album off and on for the last month or so, but nothing is really grabbing me. Disappointing.

    “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” – Chicago, Chicago XII: Greatest Hits
    I always found the lyrics a little goofy, but the groove of the chorus (especially the instrumental before the first verse) is just irresistible!

  • Rock_dawg

    How can anyone completely dismiss Signals? Subdivisions!!! lol
    I don’t listen to the whole album much in all honesty, but I find their other 80’s albums much easier to dismiss than Signals.

  • Mordalo

    Join The Band was a good album, but for me, Little Feat ended with Lowell George,.

  • Phil

    “Dazed And Confused” – Led Zeppelin, Celebration DayListening to the album is all well and good but watching the video is essential. When one of the guys smiles at another, it’s infectious. They’re having such a good time!

    I haven’t seen any of the Celebration Day footage, but your comment reminds me of how much fun it was obvious that JPJ was having when he was playing in Them Crooked Vultures. Here’s just one example:

  • Michael Parr

    ^ What he said.

  • Michael Parr

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Michael Parr

    You forgot Angela Lansbury! Murder, She Wrote!

  • Michael Parr

    Celebration Day is on my “want” list, and I’m nary a Zeppelin fan.

  • MC_Snocap

    1. Was (Not Was), “Spy in the House of Love (Johnny B. Young and Dangerous Mix)” (1989, New Steak Trend)
    About time these favorites showed up in a 5! Soulful, funny, and usually weird, it’s a miracle they even briefly were mainstream hitmakers. If you’ve got a taste for the idiosyncratic, check out their career overview Pick of the Litter. Don’t worry, it’s not “Walk the Dinosaur” cloned sixteen times.

    2. Lyrics Born, “Let Me In, Let Me Out (remix)” (2008, Everything at Once)
    Not a killer composition, but a rock/rap hybrid noteworthy for the rock being scrappy rather than slick or crushing, with LB’s singing fitting the sound.

    3. The Clash, “Koka-Kola” (1979, London Calling)
    Nothing needs be said about this album – except if you’re still resisting it, stop right now.

    4. Dennis Farnon and His Orchestra, “Isle of Capri” (1957, off The History of Space Age Pop, Vol. 1: Melodies and Mischief)
    Heavily swingin’.

    5. Rudy Ray Moore and The Soul Rebellion Orchestra, “Willie Green” (1975, Dolemite original soundtrack)
    Like the movie, this rolling r&b is unpolished and spirited.

  • Michael Parr

    “Subdivisions” just reminds me of the horrible video that went along with it; which reminds me of that movie I LOVE YOU MAN; which reminds me of Jason Segal; which reminds me of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL; which reminds me of Jason Segal’s dick, so thanks for reminding me of Jason Segal’s dick.

  • Phil

    Let’s see if we can replace all that with a new memory:

    Jacob Moon performs “Subdivisions” on a rooftop

  • Phil

    I’d love to hear what you think after you re-listen.

  • Keith

    ROQUE JUNIOR — The Beaten Path. One of many bands I would have never discovered had it not been for a mighty blog called BoxSetGo. Glorious late 90’s Irish alt rock circa the early 2000’s (lead singer formerly of Joyrider).

    NEW ORDER — Brutal — this “The Beach” soundtrack gem kicked off New Order 2.0 (the era without Gillian). With any luck, New Order 3.0 (the era without Peter) will get some momentum. “Lost Sirens EP” should be out this year. These once-fab four are now a more miserable lot than Oasis.

    since this is my first 5 of the year, how funny the next two tracks are Intro’s to bootlegs. Up first, the WMMS intro to Bruce Springsteen @ the Cleveland Agora 1978; the next Renato’s Keyboard Intro from, as my dad calls him, “That Purple Skinny Twit” live at the Fillmore. Since neither are technically songs, I am not counting them

    YARBROUGH & PEOPLES Don’t Waste Your Time — the Ass End of the 80’s, now in the ass end of my iPod. Some decent early 80’s R&B pop.

    RATATAT — Mirando from LP3. Another weird, strangely hypnotic instrumental gem from this strangely addictive band.

    BIG SOUND AUTHORITY – This House — This Paul Weller curated Brit Pop band burned brightly between 1984 and 1986 before going back to their day jobs. Imagine Patti Smyth fronting The Jam and playing it way too safe.

  • Mordalo

    At least we can enjoy their live concerts when Lowell was still alive. They’ve got a bunch of ‘em over at the Live Music Archive.

  • Rock_dawg


  • Keith

    New Dropkick Murphys album is less than a week away — great way to kick off the new year.

  • jhallCORE

    1) Norah Jones – “Come Away With Me” (Come Away With Me, 2002).
    2) Ryan Bingham – “Strange Feeling In The Air” (Junky Star, 2010).
    3) Vijay Iyer Trio – “Optimism” (Accelerando, 2012).
    4) Aimee Mann – “Fifty Years After The Fair” (Whatever, 1993).
    5) Dusty Springfield – “Don’t Forget About Me” (Dusty In Memphis, 1969).

    Happy New Year! Enjoy the weekend.

  • jcb7472

    The Fall – “What You Need” (This Nation’s Saving Grace, 1985). I had never knowingly listened to The Fall until a year or two ago, as I was much too young to be into them in the 80s. Now I can say they are one of my favorites bands. This song has a cool bass line and the song builds up slowly towards the end and you can hear a crowd chanting in the background, then it dies down and drifts off. Just an album track, and definitely not their best, but it still kept my attention.

    Coconut Records – “Nighttiming” (Nighttiming, 2007). Who knew actor Jason Schwartzmen could also make great indie pop music? This album is a fun listen, as was the follow-up, “Davy”.

    Janis Joplin – “Summertime” (Greatest Hits). I live in South Florida. It’s still summertime here in January (80 degrees), so I don’t have to skip this if it comes on, and my wife likes Janis too.

    Elliott Smith – “Either/Or” (New Moon, 2007). Unreleased title track for Smith’s classic album by the same name. Every time I listen to this guy I want to punch something because he took his own life and isn’t around anymore. He was so freaking good!

    Leonard Cohen “There for You” (Dear Heather, 2004). Seems like this would be a good song for the closing credits of a dramatic movie. Or listening to late at night with a glass of scotch, reminiscing about an old friend or ex.


  • Ernie G

    Jackie Blue – Ozark Mountain Daredevils

    I’ll Kill A Brick (About My Man) – Hot Sauce

    Stroom – Arbeit Adelt!

    I Will Walk – Release The Sunbird
    Rise – Public Image Limited

  • Michael Parr

    Love the Live Music Archive.

  • Michael Parr

    Damn, a new record? I’m so out of touch.

  • Michael Parr

    Nope, still picturing Jason Segal’s pecker. Nice try, though.

  • Michael Parr

    More miserable lot than Oasis? Not possible, unless of course you are the remaining members of Pink Floyd.

  • Michael Parr

    If you haven’t heard Aimee Mann’s new record, I highly recommend checking it out.

  • EightE1

    Every day I’m shufflin’ …

    Mission of Burma, “The Ballad of Johnny Burma”
    Cheap Trick, “Through the Night”
    Marc Cohn, “Silver Thunderbird”
    Otis Redding & Carla Thomas, “Tramp”
    The Babys, “Isn’t It Time”

  • mc3

    Ok, listened twice. Good stuff…. High point for me was “The Analog Kid”. You were spot on with the tasty Alex licks on “Losing It”, although I can’t say I love this song. Overall, glad to have this in my collection… Also I noticed all Rush albums are $5 now… May be a good time to add a couple more missing pieces!

  • jhallCORE

    Hi Mike. I have it. I am a longtime fan of Aimee Mann but for some reason, I only gave the disc a couple of listens when it came out. Got a long drive later today so I’ll revisit.

  • Phil

    Glad to hear you like it. I think it is a too often overlooked and underappreciated gem in their catalog.

  • DwDunphy

    The vinyl is coming out end of the month. It just feels right.