The Friday Five: March 8, 2013

The Friday Five

Friday Five : |ˈfrīdā – fīv| : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button in iTunes and share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up the media player of your choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

Well, the 12 inces of snow in my driveway isn’t going to blow itself. [Insert joke about Dave Lifton’s mom here.] Here is what I heard before I ran out the door into the snow…

“Mick’s a Hippie Burning” by Big Audio Dynamite (from Megatop Phoenix, 1989)

“Help Me Make Up My Mind” by Joyce Jones (from What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves (disc 1), 2006)

“Smile” by Lily Allen (from Top of the Pops 2006, 2008)

“Round Here” by Counting Crows (from Round Here, 1994)

“Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality pt.2)” by Glasvegas (from EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\, 2011)

What’s on your shuffle today?

  • Phil

    Coheed and Cambria – “Keeping the Blade” (Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Vol 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, 2005)
    I was unsure if I should count this one, but since it’s as long as some of the SST tunes I’ve covered here, I figured why not. Sounding very much like something from the movie Halloween–and very unlike what you might imagine from the title–”Keeping the Blade” is a pretty little intro to Coheed’s third album, the first of the two-album fourth and final section of Claudio’s The Amory Wars storyline. Confused yet?! Meow.

    Hayseed Dixie – “Christine Sixteen” (Kiss My Grass: A Hillbilly Tribute to KISS, 2003)
    Hayseed Dixie makes another Five appearance with their excellent rendition of a KISS song that reveals Gene’s disturbing attraction to a teenaged schoolgirl. Seems oddly appropriate for them to cover.

    Bill Evans – “Mother Nature’s Son” (In Good Company, 2012)
    From one bluegrass cover to another, this time a very, very short nod to the Beatles.

    Five O’Clock People – “Now I Sing” (The Nothing Venture, 1999)
    I have never found it as difficult to uncover information about a band as with Five O’Clock People. I discovered this act through a friend, and immediately fell in love with their acoustic flavor of CCM, a little like early-day independent label Caedmon’s Call, but without the aspiration to make it as the next big thing in modern pop Christiandom. It looks at this point as if their music is no longer available anywhere unless you can luck up and find a new or used physical copy at a specialty store somewhere. As such, I posted this song to my blog so you can hear it for yourself.

    Iron Maiden – “The Number of the Beast (Los Angeles, USA, The Forum, Feb 19, 2008)” (Flight 666 Original Soundtrack, 2009)
    Finally something rocking, although I’m not sure what I can say about this iconic Maiden number that hasn’t been said before. I guess the only thing I can add is that they sound really good for a bunch of old guys.

  • Keith

    Gary Clark Jr. “Travis County” from Blak and Blu — this rave-up certainly lives up to all the hype that surrounds him.

    He Said “Shapes to Escape” from Hail. How is it I have two albums by Wire bassist Graham Lewis and no Wire albums? I’ve been obsessed with this bizarro sound collage acid trip of a single for some 30 odd years now. Bought the CD at long last as my tapes of the “Chris & EJ Ford” show on WMNF-FM Tampa (1985-1987) slowly started wearing out.

    Madonna “Miss You” from Animal. This collection of outtakes (this track, an exquisite voice and acoustic guitar demo with longtime collaborator Patrick Leonard) shows Madge is leaving a lot of her best stuff on the cutting room floor.

    David Byrne and Brian Eno “Strange Overtones” from Everything That Happens — Byrne has been largely off my radar post-Heads, but this track is absolutely lovely.

    Hot Chip “My Piano” from Hard Dance Night — My commute ended as this one was coming on, can’t wait for the ride home.

  • jhallCORE

    1) Matthew Sweet — “If Time Permits” (In Reverse, 1999).

    2) R.E.M. — “Nightswimming” (Automatic For The People, 1992).

    3) U2 — “All I Want Is You” (Rattle And Hum, 1988).

    4) Buddy Guy — “Trouble Man” (Feels Like Rain, 1993).

    5) Sinead O’Connor — “Sacrifice” (Two Rooms: Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, 1991).

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • mc3

    1. Chicago “Hard to Say I’m Sorry / Get Away”, Love Songs (2005)
    I don’t like it, but It’s on my iPod, so I’m owning it.

    2. Steve Miller Band “The Lovin’ Cup”, The Joker (1973)
    Weird that this is the harmonica track on my Five with John Popper coming up.

    3. Jimmy Buffett “Hey Good Lookin’”, Live at Fenway Park (2005)
    I used to like Buffett a little… not so much any more. That said, this one isn’t too bad.

    4. John Popper “Lunatic”, Zygote (1999)
    Forgot I owned this. A little odd… nothing like his work with Blues Traveler.

    5. Steve Miller Band “Going to the Country”, Number 5 (1970)
    SMB really redeemed an otherwise not-so-great five this week.

  • mc3

    Love Gary Clark Jr. !!

  • Jeremy Shatan

    1. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – Radiohead/In Rainbows (Simply one of the best songs from the album I recently called a kind of culmination on my blog –

    2. Young Thuggin’ – Big Noyd/On The Grind (From an underrated album by the Mobb Deep protege. Recently picked it up for $1.99)

    3. Hamlet’s Theme – Sean Lennon/Chimera Music Sampler (I’ve loved his stuff since Behind The Sun. This is a groovy Morricone-esque bauble from a soundtrack he did.)

    4. Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly/Memorial Collection (What can you say? Bedrock music.)

    5. Separator – Radiohead/The King of Limbs (Why, out of nearly 7,000 tracks on my iPod, it played two by Radiohead, I’ll never know. Random is random. This song induces a kind of defeated but welcome calmness.)

    Happy Friday & happy listening!

  • dwalsh76

    My wife took the mothership ipod today, so I’m stuck with what’s on my iphone.

    Ghosts That We Knew – Mumford & Sons. This album continues to grow on me.

    Adulthood – Jukebox The Ghost . This is from their Daytrotter session. The piano drives the song. However, they apparently brought a toy keyboard to Daytrotter. Such a disappointment.

    Nothing Like A Woman – Drew Holcomb. From his new album Good Light. I tell you, the rest of the album is fine, but this song, is pure love. I repeat over and over again.

    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – David Gray. How often do you hear a 9 minute song froma singer/songwriter and you don’t hit skip?

    Photosynthesis – Frank Turner. A couple years old, but new to me. Impossible to go wrong with lyrics like this:
    “Well I guess I should confess that I am starting to get old
    All the latest music fads all passed me by and left me cold
    All the kids are talking slang I won’t pretend to understand
    All my friends are getting married, mortagages and pension plans
    And it’s obvious my angry adolescent days are done
    And I’m happy and I’m settled in the person I’ve become”

  • Mordalo

    Let’s just say the past couple weeks have been…rough. Didn’t have time to do a Five last week and almost didn’t have the heart to do one this week, but it was so…odd, I couldn’t help but share.

    1) Richard Pryor – Black Power
    It’s been rough lately, and I needed a laugh. Few are better at that than Richard Pryor

    2) Heart – I Want You So Bad
    It’s off their “essential” collection, but I would hardly consider this “essential”. Good enough song, but not one I’d normally listen to. That’s what you get when you “select all” and hit “random”.

    3) Bread – Down on My Knees
    Woah. Talk about digging deep into my archives. I haven’t heard this in years. Yes, I bought “Anthology”, because I like Bread. There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Either you like it or you don’t, and I like Bread, both the food and the group.

    4) Duran Duran – Save a Prayer
    This Five is just…I dunno. Started off good with Richard Pryor, but’s gone really…sideways since. Still, out of all the Duran Duran tunes, I did like this one quite well.

    5) Blue Man Group – TV Song
    Now this is better. Audio is one of my favorite albums, and this is one of the most recognizable tracks from it. Hearing this improved my mood a little, and it’s a good exit song for this Five.

    Maybe next week will be better. Maybe.

  • bkharmony

    1. I’ve Made Enough Friends – The Wrens
    One of the finest albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.

    2. Plan to Stay Awake – Deathray Davies
    Good band. I really need to put more time into getting to know their catalog.

    3. If She Wants Me – Belle & Sebastian
    How do they keep changing, while staying kind of the same, and consistently making great songs? I was sure “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” was going to be terrible. Thought the same thing about “Life Pursuit.” Wrong on both.

    4. Get Outta My Gal – Wonderful World of Joey
    “Yes, Virginia, there really was a time in the 90s when kids listened to lounge and swing music. And you know what? It. Was. Awesome.”

    5. Cherio, Ta Ta, Toodle-oo, Bye – Singing Loins
    Great Folk-Punk* duo from England. Don’t know much more about them, aside from they’re connected with Billy Childish in some way. I’m too old to care about bands’ bios anymore.

    *Stupidest label ever, but it gets the job done.

    P.S. Just missed out on Poison’s “I Want Action Tonight.” It was number six, dammit.

  • Rock_dawg

    In a bit of a rush today, myself. For the sake of what I have to get done this afternoon, I’ll try to keep this quick. Probably won’t though…

    “One Man Army” – Our Lady Peace, Happiness…Is Not A Fish You Can Catch
    Raine Maida’s singing has driven me mad since I first heard Naveed, oh so long ago. But I always liked this track, even with it’s up-down-up-down vocal hiccups. I’ve started reconsidering some of their singles though: Drummer Jeremy Taggart can kick some serious ass!

    “The Width of a Circle” – David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World
    A very good friend of mine played this song for me one of the first times we hung out. Yup, a very good friend indeed.

    “Black Jacks” – Girls Aloud, Ten
    Girls Aloud > The Spice Girls

    “Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)” – XTC, Fossil Fuel: The Singles 1977-1992
    “If I could only be tough like him then I could win my own small battle of the sexes”

    “Don’t Change Your Plans” – Ben Folds Five, The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective
    One of my favourite songs. Period.

  • Rock_dawg

    Must add the Blue Man Group CD’s to my iTunes…

  • Rock_dawg

    Never cared for Sinead’s super hushed version of “Sacrifice”, but love the rest. The first three are all in my melancholy/mellow mood playlist.

  • MC_Snocap

    1) “Monkey on My Back” by Aerosmith (1989, Pump)
    Even before Aerosmith’s comeback sound lost most of its teeth, this “I’ve kicked my habit!” proclamation was a little tiresome. It’s like PR on Oprah – but rockin’!

    2) “On Any Other Day” by The Police (1979, Reggatta de Blanc)
    Even though it’s a minor tune in the Police canon, it’s pretty perfect for where it’s aiming.

    3) “MMMbop” by Hanson (1997, Middle of Nowhere)
    Stop scoffing, you. This is infectious, and I don’t want your Bactine.

    4) “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” by The S.O.S. Band (1980, off Club Epic, Vol. 1)
    Mechanized, cool (exc. the vocals), almost new-wavy r&b. Robofunk.

    5) “Dennogiwa” by Ryuichi Sakamoto (1997, Smoochy)
    From a drifty, wispy record that I politely recognized rather than enjoyed, up until the lead-off track turned up in the movie Babel. That sent me back. I’m more appreciative now.

  • MC_Snocap

    Is that “Trouble Man” a remake of the Marvin Gaye one? Gotta check that out.

  • MC_Snocap

    Hope things look up, Mordalo. Hang in there.

  • records1001.wordpres

    1 The Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
    2 Masked Intruder – Hello Beautiful
    3 The Motors – Soul Redeemer
    4 Nollie To Glory – Great White Lie
    5 Badfinger – No Matter What

  • MB

    Marshall Tucker Band – Anyway The Wind Blows (Tuckerized, 1982)

    Linda Ronstadt – Colorado (Don’t Cry Now, 1973)

    Poco – Sweet Lovin’ (A Good Feelin’ , 1972)

    Leonard Cohen – Amen (Old Ideas, 2012)

    Rolling Stones – Sweet Black Angel (Exile On Main Street, 1972)

  • jhallCORE

    Absolutely. Pretty good cover from Mr. Guy.

  • Aryl Watson

    Love the comment about guilty pleasures. If you like it, don’t feel guilty.

  • jhallCORE

    All of these songs fit in a weird way. Usually, there is a decent amount of genre whiplash in my Friday Five selections. I actually like Sinead’s version of “Sacrifice” but maybe I’m just an old softie. :) Something about the slow buildup to that line where she explodes about “jealousy burns” just nails it for me.

  • Aryl Watson


    1. Touch – Love Hangover – From Super Disco Funk – Horns, great bass line – yes please, may I have another!.

    2.Nirvana – Polly – from Nevermind – simple song, love Kurt’s vocals here. I love the false start for the 2nd verse. I hope he didn’t do it on purpose. If he did, I don’t want to know.

    3. Counting Crows – Someday – American Girls Pt 2 – B side to American Girls – The b side kills the A side here.

    4.How to Destroy Angles – Keep it Together – Welcome Oblivion – I miss NIN, but this helps dull the pain – especially with Trent’s wife on vocals.

    5. All Saints – Lady Marmalade (Timbland Remix) – Timbland’s production makes this version. The ladies show some restraint on the chorus -which nobody ever does – the song is better for it.

  • Michael Parr

    As evidenced by the lack of verbiage above, I’m with you. I’m also 100% in agreement on the guilty pleasures statement.

  • Rock_dawg

    To be fair, I haven’t heard it years. Two Rooms was one of the first CD’s my family had and, as is the way when you only have a handful of discs to play, it was played a lot. Next time I’m at my Moms place, I should revisit it, see if my opinion’s changed.

  • Mordalo

    Thanks, folks. The kind thoughts were much appreciated, and they made me smile.