The Friday Linkfest: 12/23/10 (Special Holiday Thursday Edition)

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The Internet moves fast. Here’s a fond look back at our favorite links from the last seven days:

AM, Then FM wraps up its “12 Days of Christmas” with a holiday mp3 bonanza [AM, Then FM]

10 fun facts about Krampus, the Christmas Demon [Topless Robot]

Happy Birthday, Keef Richards [The 6149]

Robyn Hitchcock streams unreleased covers of Dylan, Cash, and the Grateful Dead [Slicing Up Eyeballs]

Colin Gawel gives us all a reason to still love Christmas [Addicted to Vinyl]

The Wings for Wheels 2010 holiday mix [Wings for Wheels]

The top 40 albums of 2010 [Popblerd!]

Insane Eagles-Giants play from Sunday’s game, immortalized in Tecmo Bowl [Kotaku]

Why everyone else’s line always seems to move faster than yours [Lifehacker]

How did mistletoe come to be associated with Christmas kissing? [Slate]

The best albums of 2010 [Broken Headphones]

Top five foods you should definitely not give as Christmas gifts [Westword]

R.E.M.’s new album gets a trailer [Slicing Up Eyeballs]

2010’s top ten FAILs [FAILblog] #liftonfail

Joe Strummer, eight years gone [IckMusic]

An interview with Fred Schneider [kittysneezes]

The Discography: A one-stop website for all your music lawsuit needs [Riverfront Times]

Best albums of 2010 [Cahl’s Juke Joint]

Google extends free Gmail voice calls through 2011 [Lifehacker]

The 100 best Native Tongues songs [Complex]

May your Christmas be liquid, fragile, perishable, and hazardous [Jeff Vrabel]

Top 10 musical moments of 2010: my whole world in light [XO London]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: 1993-2010 [Salon]

Captain Beefheart, RIP [Brooklyn Vegan]

The least essential albums of 2010 [AV Club]

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