The Friday Linkfest: 1/7/11

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The Internet moves fast. Here are some of our favorite links from the week that was:

2010’s best unsigned acts — well, okay, some of them, anyway [Something Else!]

They are called Fort Wilson Riot [Broken Headphones]

So, I’ll never be able to sleep again… [Topless Robot]

World’s largest cave has its own jungle; big enough to fit a skyscraper [io9]

C’mon, son! Five “get it together” hopes for 2011 [Popblerd!]

What to look forward to in 2011 [My Old Kentucky Blog]

The greatest cartoon rivalries of all time [The Sixth Wall]

Seven technologies that will rock 2011 [TechCrunch]

Mother Love Bone’s “Hello Hometown” [captainsdead]

The Dave Matthews Band shows how to make money in the music industry [Slate]

Americans watched more TV than ever in 2010 [AV Club]

How this one guy discovered four new planets without a telescope [Gizmodo]

Free download: The Decemberists, “Down by the Water” [Culture Brats]

Concert review: Chuck Berry, 1/1/11 [The Screen Door]

The top 10 things that ended in 2010 [Spike]

Disney’s Blizzard Beach presents: the unspeakable horrors of the aging male physique [Jeff Vrabel]

Who owns your digital downloads? (Hint: it’s not you) [ZDNet]

Spyro Gyra, guilty pleasure [Something Else]

Jenny McCarthy’s autism fight grows more misguided [Salon]

New R.E.M. songs: “Oh My Heart,” “Discoverer,” and “It Happened Today” [The Frontloader]

Reissue Theory: Haircut One Hundred, Pelican West [The Second Disc]

Ten of the oldest, dorkiest websites still running [Gizmodo]

When it comes to the penny, Washington doesn’t make sense [Kiplinger]

Ten bestselling books that almost weren’t printed [The Sixth Wall]

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