The Friday Mixtape: 7/2/10

The Friday Mixtape!

I’ve had this one brewing for a bit. I recall putting a similar mix together in the mid ’90s, trying to work within the confines of a 60 minute memorex, Side A has an almost claustrophobic feel to it. It also breaks one of the cardinal rules of mixtapeology in that there are two tracks by the same artist. I’ll cop to the foul, but retort with the fact that both songs together are vital to the feel. Enjoy this one late at night. Side B is a complete 180 from Side A, meant to accompany a Saturday afternoon drive.

Side A: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Side B: Obscurity Knocks

Trashcan Sinatras – Obscurity Knocks from Cake (1990)
The Sundays – Here’s Where the Story Ends from Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (1990)
17 Relics – Azalea from Hearafterthis (1991)
Buffalo Tom – Sodajerk from Big Red Letter Day (1993)
XTC – The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead from Nonsuch (1992)
Matthew Sweet – Sick of Myself from 100% Fun (1995)
Paul Westerberg – World Class Fad from 14 Songs (1993)

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  • MichaelFortes

    Nice coincidence! Since those two Afghan Whigs songs segue, I'd say the rule is not really broken. What's worse is when DJs take a pair like that and only play the first (i.e. playing “We Will Rock You” without “We Are The Champions,” or “Peace Frog” without “Blue Sunday”). Will have to dig into this later in the evening. Good call on Shudder To Think too. I'll never tire of “Pony Express Record.”

  • Matt

    Ahem. Exactly how long has this one been brewing?? Great stuff, man. Lots of my favorites on here.