The Friday Mixtape: 7/8/2011

  • EightE1

    You should have named the mix “Jack Feerick.”

  • Culture Brats


  • arensb

    How many of these songs came from self-titled albums? I believe “Talk Talk” did (and I hope you got this track from there, and not from a greatest hits compilation. Bonus points for albums released on self-titled labels (as, IIRC, “Talk Talk” was).

  • arensb

    For the next edition of this playlist, may I suggest Victor, Village People, and Funker Vogt?

  • Jack Feerick

    Album of origin is given in the mix itself, along with links to buy. All tracks are listed according to the album of original release. So: to answer your question, six and a half (depending on wheteher you count PiL’s first disc as an s/t, or if you refer to it as “First Edition).

  • smf2271

    Great idea, but come on, what happened to “In A Big Country?”  Some other possibilities are “Mandrill”, “Blue Oyster Cult”, “My Name Is Prince”, “Devo Has Feelings Too” and “Who Are You?”  (OK, that last one’s a stretch).

  • drcastrato

    Iron Maiden’s first album (titled Iron Maiden) features the song Iron Maiden. I suppose you could include the Monkees theme in here too.

  • steed

    I just listened to “Color Me Badd” by Color Me Badd today!

  • Anonymous

    Iva Davies from Icehouse asked me to forward this to you: “There’s no love for Jack Feerick inside the icehouse.”

  • Marc ‘Moose’ Moder

    Really? No Stray Cat Strut???

  • Anonymous

    Talk Talk’s titular song was initially released on a self-titled EP, followed shortly thereafter by the full-length The Party’s Over. AFAIK, that EP was never released on disc, but all four of its tracks were repeated on the album. I hate to disappoint you, but the band never had their own label; the releases in question were issued through EMI in the States.

  • Jeff B

    Big Country’s “(In a) Big Country” wasn’t obvious enough? Really? :-/