The Friday Mixtape: 9/17/10 — Double Shots

In this week’s mixtape you’ll find pairs of the same song by two different artists. I did try to lay down some ground rules for myself,  though:

1. No parody songs (although strange and unusual remakes were highly encouraged, as you’ll find).
2. No Beatles songs (except for one, and it was them covering someone else’s song).
3. In honor of our Grand Poobah, find a spot for Michael McDonald.

It’s half the songs, but twice the fun!

And as a special bonus, I threw in an extra song in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sunday, September 19th). Enjoy!

The Ballad of Davy Crockett from A Legacy in Song
Tim Curry – The Ballad of Davy Crockett from Music From The Park

Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes from The Fabulous Fifties: Back to the Fifties
Lemmy and the Upsetters with Mick Green – Blue Suede Shoes from The Last Temptation of Elvis

Elton John and Kiki Dee – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart from Sounds of the Seventies: 1976
The Wild Honey Singers – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart from A Child’s Introduction to Pinball Wizard and Elton John Hits

Jerry Butler and the Impressions – For Your Precious Love from The Doo Wop Box
Michael McDonald – For Your Precious Love from Rock, Rhythm & Blues

Los Lobos – Heigh Ho from Los Lobos Goes Disney
Tom Waits – Heigh Ho from Stay Awake

Cher with Beavis and Butt-Head – I Got You Babe from The Beavis And Butt-Head Experience
Tiny Tim – I Got You Babe from God Bless Tiny Tim

Brent Spiner and the Sunspots – It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie from Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back
Somethin’ Smith and the Redheads – It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie from Hard To Find 45s on CD: Vol. 3: The Mid Fifties

Pebbles and Bamm Bamm – Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In from Modern Stone-Age Melodies
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans – Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In from From Your Golden Childhood: The Best of Little Golden Records, Vol. 2

The Archies – Sugar Sugar from Bubblegum Classics Vol. 3
Kurt Russell – Sugar Sugar from Ultra Lounge: On the Rocks 2

Shirley Jones – Till There Was You from The Music Man
The Beatles – Till There Was You from The Beatles Anthology 1

Little Richard – Tutti Fruitti from The Rock N’ Roll Era: 1954-1955
Mean Gene Okerlund – Tutti Fruitti from The Wrestling Album

Bonus song and video:

Paul and Storm – The Captain’s Wife’s Lament from Gumbo Pants

  • arensb

    For the next mixtape, maybe you can have pairs of complementary songs, such as the Cure’s “Close to Me” and the Police’s “Don’t Stand so Close to Me”

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else getting an “Error opening file” on the Lemmy… one?

  • Mohammed Rubenstein

    No Lemmy as of Saturday. That would have been the most exciting catch in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Lemmy’s screwy. (but was that ever in question?) I don’t know what happened with the link, but I’m in the process of fixing it and will let you guys know when it’s back in business.

    Sorry about that!


  • jefito

    Fixed. Get your Lemmy on!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, sir!


  • Anonymous

    This is so wierd! I was just thinking of doing this myself last week! i heard a song i grew up with as a child covered by a country artist and was thinking i wonder if anyone else knows this is a cover.

  • Anonymous

    When i was in college, I was active in my college radio station, and often did overnight “freeform” shows where it really was anything goes–Sonic Youth might be followed by Burl Ives, or maybe we’d just play them both at the same time. Oddball cover versions were always a favorite of mine–I even did a “two versions of the same song” bit that’s kind of like this.

    But, man, I wish I’d have had that Wild Honey Singers disc back then. That version of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is absolutely hilarious! Thanks.