The Popdose Podcast: Episode 10

We know: “Back already? But it took me this long just to finish the last one!” It’s true, we did run long during Episode 9 of the Popdose Podcast, but in all fairness, 1) it was a pretty awesome episode, and 2) the three of us really only talked for about an hour and Steve Almond did the rest. (Just kidding, Steve, although it wouldn’t have killed you to mention the podcast on your Facebook page, and now we’re sorry we didn’t rip on your mom.) In any case, we wanted to get ourselves back on our normal podcast schedule, so this month we quickly convened without any particular topic in mind — just shootin’ the shit like three buddies do. This is how we wound up discussing Michael J. Fox and prosthetic dog testicles.

The Popdose Podcast, Episode 10: …Neuticle? (53:25, 61.2 MB), featuring Jeff Giles, Jason Hare, and Dave Lifton.
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Show Notes

0:00 Intro: “What are you wearing?” Oh boy. In the next 15 minutes, you’ll hear about Jeff’s upcoming interview with Sting guitarist Dominic Miller and his thoughts on Sting’s current tour, Jason and Dave’s recent bike rides, an ass crack, Family Ties and the death of studio audience sitcoms, series finales, and the awesomeness of the man who played Alex P. Keaton.

15:30 A DISCUSSION ABOUT FIREFLIES. Someone give us a goddamn topic for next month, please.

16:21 Sex and the City 2: Salon’s review, Ebert’s review, Lindy West’s awesome review, and Rex Reed’s review, all describing the wretchedness of this movie. We also discuss the last movies we saw, Jason’s mentoring, the awfulness of Mets games and our buddy’s drug-fueled baseball experience at Citi Field.

23:06 We discuss our summer plans, which is only exciting ’cause Jeff mentions his plans to ruin his brother’s upcoming wedding.

28:43 After some discussion on biking gear, we get to the real important part of this podcast: the discussion on Neuticles. It kind of gets discussed, on and off, for the rest of the episode.


41:32 Jeff endorses Crowded House’s upcoming record Intriguer. (Song: Crowded House, “Saturday Sun”)

44:40 Jason endorses the new Guggenhiem Grotto record The Universe is Laughing (Song: Guggenheim Grotto, “Ruby Heart”)

46:31 The World Cup starts today, and Dave not only heartily endorses it, but will be covering the entire tournament daily for Popdose. Head over to our dusty ol’ Sports section and check it out! (Song: K’naan, “Wavin’ Flag”)

Wrappin’ It Up

…and we’re out! Short and sweet this month, and yet still chock full o’ mother jokes, not to mention the lengthiest Neuticle discussion on any podcast, ever. Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes, and to visit our Facebook fan page as well as the Popdose Twitter feed. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you in July!

  • EightE1

    You should do an “America: Fuck Yeah!” episode. Or maybe an “America: Fuck No!” episode, where you talk about Lee Greenwood and Chuck Norris (and their mothers) for an hour.

  • dslifton

    I have gone on record as to why Lee Greenwood sucks.

  • EightE1

    Well, then I guess you're extra prepared for July then! And that was three years ago — a thousand days to let your hatred marinate, to let your bile curdle (does bile curdle? Probably not). And if not Lee Greenwood or Chuck Norris, then find other targets — the Kardashians, Glenn Beck, Housewives of NJ, SNL as an institution, SNL as a comedy program, Jay Leno, the Creation Museum, Barry Bonds, Pat Robertson, Pitchfork, recent Will Ferrell movies, Tom Brady, obesity, Wall Street, Blackwater, Ke$ha, the TEA Party, Jon Bon Jovi, etc. etc. America: Fuck NO!

  • Matt

    Wow, how did I not know that Dominic Miller played with World Party…and on …But Seriously by Phil Collins?

  • jefito

    Because you're a big dummy!

  • Matt

    Goddamn you.

  • dslifton

    Oh, sure. Jeff's referencing Fred Sanford but I'M the old guy…

  • DwDunphy

    Wanna freak out your brother on his wedding night? Here's what you do: on his hotel room bed, leave a Pooh stuffed toy and an Eeyore stuffed toy, only Eeyore has on a diaper and a ball-gag, and Pooh is head-to-toe in black vinyl with a taser in his hand.

    Welcome to the dark side, Cap'n.

  • DwDunphy

    The bald look is only for those of us who need it. As for you, follow Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier to the Just For Men club.

  • DwDunphy

    The July episode should be a feat of counter-programming – why Canada is awesome. That'll piss Lee Greenwood off.

  • jasonhare

    Jesus Christ!

  • DwDunphy

    No, no, not him. We want to ruin a wedding night, not scar them for life.

  • The Bramblemen

    please re-post Marshall Crenshaw Bootleg City? Thanks!!

  • The Bramblemen

    please re-post Marshall Crenshaw Bootleg City? TY!