The Sunday Mixtape: 1/6/08

Written by Music, The Weekly Mixtape

Mr. Encrypto – Silver Chain from Secret Identity Crisis (2003)
Eugene Edwards – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This from My Favorite Revolution (2005)
Harry Nilsson – Don’t Forget Me from Pussy Cats (1974)
Parliament – Unfunky UFO from Mothership Connection (1976)
Cathy Dennis – Taste My Love from Move to This (1990)
Birdie Busch – Rabbit’s Foot from Penny Arcade (2007)
The Call – Walk Walk from Into the Woods (1987)
Bob Dorough – Never Had The Blues At All from Small Day Tomorrow (2006)
John Wicks & The Records – Forever Blue from Rock’Ola (1998)
Jules Shear – Steady from Horse of a Different Color (1993)
Tears for Fears – Creep (live) from Live Bootleg (1993)
Barenaked Ladies – Easy (live) from Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan (2007)
Clapton, Miller, Gadd, Sample, & Sanborn – Snakes (live) from Montreux Jazz Festival (1997)
Doug Powell – Merlin Laughed from The Lost Chord (2002)
The Neville Brothers – Run Joe from Fiyo on the Bayou (1986)
Two Gallants – Nothing to You from The Throes Remastered (2006)