The Weekly Mixtape: 1/28/11

Written by Music, The Weekly Mixtape’s Weekly Mixtape returns with Kelly Stitzel’s ode to the flip side.

I miss the days of going to the record store and eagerly snapping up every version of a single released so that I could collect all the non-album tracks of my favorite artists. While I like the remixes, covers and live versions of album tracks  that often show up on singles these days (if a proper single is released), nothing beats a true B-side — a great new song that, for one reason or another, got cut from an album’s tracklisting.

Here are some of my favorite B-sides for your enjoyment. And if you have a favorite B-side, make sure to tell me about it in the comments!

Beck – Salt in the Wound from Sexx Laws [Single] (2000)
Duran Duran – Late Bar from Planet Earth [Single] (1981)
Prince & the Revolution – Erotic City from Let’s Go Crazy [Single] (1984)
Deee-Lite – Riding on Through from Good Beat/E.S.P. [Single] (1992)
Gorillaz – Bill Murray from Feel Good Inc. [Single] (2005)
Wendy & Lisa – To Trip is To Fall from Waterfall [Single] (1987)
Frente! – Paper, Bullets, Walls from Labour of Love [EP] (1994)
Aimee Mann – Backfire from Humpty Dumpty [Single] (2002)
The Flaming Lips – Thank You Jack White (For the Fiberoptic Jesus That You Gave Me) from Fight Test [EP] (2003)
Belle & Sebastian – Stop, Look & Listen from I’m a Cuckoo [Single] (2004)
Fleetwood Mac – You and I, Part I from Big Love [Single] (1987)
Camera Obscura – Roman Holiday from Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken [Single] (2006)
Elliott Smith – A Living Will from Son of Sam [Single] (1998)
Rilo Kiley – Patiently from It’s a Hit [Single] (2004)
Pixies – Into the White from Here Comes Your Man [Single] (1989)
PJ Harvey – Bows & Arrows from B-Sides (2004)
Arcade Fire – Broken Window from Keep The Car Running [Single] (2007)
Björk – Sod Off from Jóga [Single] (1998)
Garbage – Afterglow from I Think I’m Paranoid [Single] (1998)
Madonna – Has to Be from Ray of Light [Single] (1998)
Portishead – Theme from “To Kill a Dead Man” from Glory Times [EP] (1995)
St. Vincent – Bicycle from Actor Out of Work [Single] (2009)
Ane Brun – Stop (feat. Liv Widell) from My Lover Will Go [Single] (2005)
Kate Bush – Under the Ivy from Running Up That Hill [Single] (1985)
Damien Rice – The Professor from The Blower’s Daughter [Single] (2003)
Tori Amos – Alamo from Talula [Single] (1996)

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