The Weekly Mixtape: Election Day 2012 Edition

Written by Music, The Weekly Mixtape

You can do it with love in your heart. You can do it with the red mist of fury before your eyes. You can do it in sorrow; you can do it in anger. You can do it to impress a guy. You can do it to spite your parents. You can do it to teach your kids a lesson. You’re supposed to do it in secret; lots of people brag about it afterwards. You can do it with a smile. You can do it with a headache. You can do it with a vague feeling of dread. Lots of people don’t do it at all, and they’ve all got their reasons, and their reasons are all bullshit.

You can do it any damn whichway you want, but if you can do it, for God’s sake, do it. For all our sakes.

Do it. Vote.

Download the full mix (1:20:51)

Sly & The Family Stone – Stand! from Stand! (1969)
Bob Dylan – Political World from Oh Mercy (1989)
Leonard Cohen – Democracy from The Future (1992)
INXS – All The Voices from The Swing (1984)
Mark Ronson and the Business Int’l – Selector from Record Collection (2010)
Suzanne Vega – Institution Green from Days of Open Hand (1991)
Soul Mekanik – Never Touch That Switch (Freeform Reform remix) (2006, unreleased; original version on 81, 2005)
Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers from Volunteers (1969)
They Might Be Giants – Kiss Me, Son of God from Lincoln (1989)
Lyle Lovett – Promises from Dead Man Walking OST (1996)
The National – Mr. November from Alligator (2005)
Steve Winwood – Split Decision from Back in the High Life (1986)
Julianna Barwick – Choose from Florine (2009)
Clock DVA – The Black Angel’s Death Song from Advantage (1982)
Donnie Iris – The High And The Mighty from The High And The Mighty (1982, out of print)
Shack – Undecided from Waterpistol (1995)
Richard Thompson – Time To Ring Some Changes from Hard Cash OST (1989)
Colin Scot – Here We Are in Progress from Colin Scot (1971)
Devo – Freedom of Choice from Freedom of Choice (1980)
The Lucksmiths – To Absent Votes from Spring a Leak (2007)
ABBA – The Winner Takes It All from Super Trouper (1980)
Coda: Big Star – You Get What You Deserve from Radio City (1974)