Trailers Swift: Does the Governator Have the Right Stuff in “Maggie”?

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It’s the End Of Days…Ahnold might have the critics on his side for “Maggie.”

Well before his political days, action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in a flick called End Of Days. Biblically-speaking,  the end of days is the culmination of signs and wonders speaking of the last battle of heaven and hell. One of those very signs might be that critics, who seldom have had anything good to say about Arnie’s work aside from The Terminator, seem to be praising his performance in the upcoming zombie movie Maggie.


The premise is irresistible: a father goes off to find his wayward daughter (played by Abagail Breslin) out in the diseased regions of aftermath, only to learn from the doctors she too has been infected. As it spreads, she will fall farther and farther into her zombification. Her father will be her sole protector as she slips into the primal need for human flesh and blood until…

It shows an interesting arc in the whole zombie trend, and hopefully it will close it down for a while too. We’ve had a lot of the living dead in the past decade and the novelty has long worn off, but we’ve gone from the nameless boogeymen of the 2000s, with the agenda to kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out; to AMC’s The Walking Dead series which dared to posit the turning of family, friends, neighbors, and familiarity into remorseless killing machines; to World War Z which kind of swung the other way around again.

Here’s the trailer:

One well-edited trailer and a couple of carefully chosen blurbs do not a consensus make, but it does seem like The Former Governator is trying to up his game.

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Special thanks to John Dunphy for the undead heads-up.