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It’s become something of a rarity in these last two decades or so to hear the story or motivation as to the writing of songs; it’s a lost art, and in many ways, has become trivialized in the go-go-go/no attention span era that we’re living in now.

I’m not one who passes by an opportunity to hear the backstory of a song.  And it’s been a long time since I heard one as gripping as the writing and recording of Loveland Duren’s recent single, “Johnny Boy”.  If you read my previous review of the single, you have an idea.  However, in this very special video, filmed beautifully by Elder drummer Ian Duren, you get the full scope of the how and why.  Vicki Loveland and Van Duren tell the story with love, reminiscence and a great deal of heart.

If you haven’t heard the song before, here’s your opportunity to fall in love with it and let it become a part of you – but first, take five minutes to understand the making of “Johnny Boy”.

“Johnny Boy” is currently available on iTunes, etc.