Watch Now: Joe Marson, “Goddammit Julia”

Written by Download Now, Music

Joe Marson has excellent taste in profanity — and a bit of bona fide electric soul magic.

“Goddammit” is my favorite curse word, so I’m predisposed to run a post on any song that includes it in the title, but his excellent taste in profanity is far from the only reason to recommend Joe Marson — more importantly for the rest of you, his brand of electric soul offers an approximation of what it might sound like if Ray LaMontagne’s scruffily Veedon Fleeced aesthetic merged with Mick Hucknall’s blue-eyed, ginger-maned baby-makin’ music. Goddammit, Joe, this is some fine stuff — and if you like what you hear here, you can check out “Love You Safely,” the leadoff single from Marson’s upcoming EP, Electric Soul Magic.