Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: Halloween Edition

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Need a soundtrack for your Halloween shenanigans? Kelly Stitzel has you covered with a special Halloween edition of the Weeknight ’80s Dance Party.

So, Halloween will be upon us in just a few days and I know the lot of you will be out doing something debaucherous to celebrate — even if that means taking your kids trick-or-treating while dragging a wagon full of booze around behind you. (This is something I’ve learned that some of you parents do to make trick-or-treating more tolerable. I approve.) I think you should have an appropriate Halloween soundtrack to aid in your All Hallows Eve shenanigans, so I’m going to help you out. You’re welcome.

The great thing about Halloween is that the music that goes with it ranges from dark, dreary and goth to upbeat, fun and ridiculous. This mix has a little bit of everything for you to dance and make out to, whether you plan to dress as a sexy Ghostbuster, a zombie Captain Kirk or the host of Goth Talk. (Remember those sketches? Chris Kattan is usually pretty hit-or-miss for me, but I thought he was hysterical as Azrael Abyss, Prince of Sorrows.)

Whatever you plan to do this Halloween, please be safe and responsible — don’t drink and drive, and don’t drink any alcoholic beverages that resemble or taste like candy corn because, gross. And no matter how dumb your kids’ Halloween costumes are, at least wait until they’re out of earshot to make fun of them (but definitely steal their candy — they deserve it if they have a shitty costume).

Ray Parker, Jr. – Ghostbusters (Extended Mix)
Whodini – The Haunted House Of Rock (Remix)
Fat Boys – Are You Ready For Freddy (12” Version)
Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (12” Mix)
Was (Not Was) – Out Come The Freaks (12” Mix)
Toto Coelo – Dracula’s Tango (Sucker for Your Love) (Extended Dance Mix)
Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party (Extended Mix)
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Original 12″ Mix)
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Spellbound (12” Mix)
Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Remix)
Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse (12″ Mix)
Book of Love – Witchcraft (Extended Mix)
Skinny Puppy – Worlock (12″ Edit)
The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection (Extended Remix)
Ministry – Stigmata (Remix)