You’re Welcome: Who’s The Singer In The Recent Hyundai Commericals?

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You’re Welcome returns to answer questions you probably weren’t asking.

So in 2010 Hyundai built their holiday advertising campaign around the pop duo Pomplamoose. It was a series of commercials that combined twee indie pop with holiday cheer and a lingering sense that the duo might have been lit when they were doing it.

If I was a dad to either of them, I know I’d be marching them down to the lab to have them pee in a cup. (I am not judging, nor am I trying to engage in slanderous language…but blinking is good for the eyeballs. You simply must try it some time.)

This year however, Hyundai decided to go a different route (kind of). Jessica Frech also likes to bounce around in sped-up footage (or so the ad agency would have you believe) but comes off instead like Winnie Cooper with a sense of humor (and no discernible need for an intervention).

She also does the occasional original track, sometimes comedic, sometimes not. I’m not exactly how this one ought to be classified.

You can find out more at her website:


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