YouTube Roulette: The Worst TV Commercials Ever

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Pull the trigger and pray for mercy with NO PROBLEM! — Popdose presents YouTube Roulette: The Worst TV Commercials Ever

The rules are simple for the game sensation sweeping the nation that doesn’t require inebriation (unless you absolutely need a drink). YouTube Roulette asks only a few things from you. First, create a random category. Second, enter it into YouTube’s search engine. Third, watch. Four, cry.

Spin the chamber and squint when you pull the trigger – it’s time for another round of YouTube Roulette. This time, we put in the bullet “Worst TV Commercial Ever” and we get these. As someone who regards 90% of TV commercials to be bad, I believe this is probably only the tiniest tip of a fetid, smelly iceberg. Sit back and…enjoy?

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