GodWatch 2004

He just keeps on killing. He must be stopped!

from WFTV.com:

ROSE HILL, Va. — The minister of a church in far southwest Virginia has died after being bitten by a snake during church services.

Authorities say the Reverend Dwayne Long of Rose Hill was bitten by a rattlesnake Sunday afternoon and refused to seek medical treatment. He died early Monday at his home.

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons says Long was a minister at a Pentecostal church where members practice serpent-handling.

Parsons says Long was holding a rattlesnake during an Easter service when the snake bit him on the back of a finger. He says the congregation prayed for the minister, but no one — including Long — sought medical treatment.

The sheriff says he doubts any charges will be filed, because, in his words, “it’s their belief.”

These are the people who believe they know what’s right for you. Yay!