“You’re all just parasiiiiites / Robbing me of luvvvvvvvvv…”

Got both my Time/Life SCTV DVDs and the Kids in the Hall Season One boxed set on the same day this week and I think if I geek out any harder I just may piss my Yoda Underoos.

The SCTV discs are probably my Holy Grail of TV on DVD releases, with the possible exception of a “Fridays” release (which doesn’t seem likely anytime soon), so I was pretty thrilled when those finally arrived (Hell, I even skipped chest and tris day). The transfer is kind of shitty, which only added to the thrill – it was like watching bootlegged old VHS dubs. Niiice. I like that feel, although I know it’s wholly unintentional. I’ve only gotten through one full episode so far (Lola Heatherton’s “Bouncin’ Back to You” special – my all-time favorite) and it’s incredible, just as funny in full 90-minute form as I remembered.

I also watched the “SCTV Remembers” documentary, with new interviews with everyone but Rick Moranis and Martin Short. Maybe next time. Some good stories here, but Joe Flaherty comes off as one of those guys you went to high school with who never really moved on and wishes all the gang would hang out together everyday “just like the old days”. Catherine O’Hara comes off as surprisingly bitchy in reference to the men dominating the writing and a little greedy when it comes to the money they made (or didn’t make as females). Justified, I’m sure, but a little tacky to bring up in a tribute documentary.

I’ll talk about the Kids in the Hall on my next posting. Now, it’s time to head out and watch the “Friends” finale. If it doesn’t end with Ross marrying Marcel the Monkey, I’m gonna be pissed.