One of my favorite all-time songwriters is Lowell George, the guitar god who put together Little Feat:

Lowell was the living embodification of his music: druggy, fat, laid back, and greasy. And fucking awesome. Little Feat’s apogee, in my opinion, is the live album Waiting for Columbus. I never get tired of listening to “Fat Man in the Bathtub”…

Little Feat – Fat Man in the Bathtub (live)

Or “20 Million Things,” from Lowell’s solo album, Thanks I’ll Eat It Here

Lowell George – 20 Million Things

Anyway, a few years back, the butt-metal enthusiasts at CMC Records decided for some reason that it would be cool if they put together a Lowell George tribute album. I actually think they may have just licensed it from another company, but the point is, it was a strange release from a label that was known for releasing new albums from bands like Warrant and Slaughter. The tribute album dropped like a stone. I think most Little Feat fans probably didn’t even know about it. But it had some really cool songs on it, one of which was a lovely old Feat tune sung by Lowell’s daughter, Inara George:

Inara George – Trouble

This is all an extremely roundabout way of telling you that Inara’s debut album, All Rise, comes out tomorrow, and I’m excited to hear it. You can stream it here:

Inara George Dot Com

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