I had to run some errands on this lovely partly cloudy day:

Á¢€¢ I stopped first at Fingerprints Records to pick up the new Lloyd Cole CD (“Music In a Foreign Language”)…very good, mellow, typical Lloyd, but that’s a good thing.

Á¢€¢ Then it was to Rite Aid for saline solution and M3Power blades (They really do work better. And they vibrate. Bonus).

Á¢€¢ Finally, it was to Baja Fresh for dinner to go.

At each location, I smiled at the person waiting on me and said “Yes, please” or “Thank you” after each question or transaction. The only response I got was a “Sure” from the guy at Rite Aid. No reaction or reciprocal “thanks” from anywhere else.

I’ve decided this must mean that thanking customers is so 1987.

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