A reader named R. Murdoch* sent me the following bootleg by “my best mates,” Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, the Australian duo otherwise known as Air Supply, performing in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 22, 1982. I can’t verify that Mr. Murdoch really is friends with “Graham Russell Terrier,” as he collectively calls them, but I do hope for his sake that he’s not just some random fan hoping to make a name for himself by claiming he knows rich, famous people. That would be tacky.

I Can’t Get Excited
Lost in Love
Every Woman in the World
Even the Nights Are Better
Now and Forever
One Step Closer
Late Again
[Graham mistakenly addresses the audience as “Cincinnati” and asks where he can score some H after the show.]
Young Love
Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)
Sweet Dreams
All Out of Love
She Never Heard Me Call
[Graham goes bananas, hurling a bottle of Jack at a single mother in the third row after she requests “Who Can It Be Now?”]
I’ve Got Your Love
The One That You Love
[Russell insults the band for blowing “the easiest bloody cue in the entire bloody show” and storms off the stage.]
This Heart Belongs to Me

* Turns out it was Popdose’s old pal Joe Mallon, from whose voluminous archives many of our bootlegs have sprung. Thanks, Joe — for the bootleg and the deceit!

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