Welcome back to Bootleg City, motherfuckers! Are you ready to get your unofficially-released rock on?!?

Not “rock” this week, actually; we’re jammin’ to some Bob Marley today Á¢€” specifically Marley and the Wailers in NYC Á¢€” again courtesy of our good friend Joe at 125 Records. If you thought Joe shared some incredible stuff with us last year (and he did), just wait until you get a load of what he’s pulled out of the vaults for 2007. Seriously, there’s a folder on my hard drive called “Joe’s Incredible Bootlegs.”

And here’s the first one. Ordinarily, as you might recall, I’m not in the habit of listening to these things before putting them up, mainly because I’m usually listening to something for review purposes, but I’m going to try and change that this year. Not being a Marley fan, I didn’t expect much out of these performances, but I was pleasantly surprised. The fidelity is pretty impressive for a bootleg from the mid ’70s, and the band was on.

It’s only eight songs long, sure, but they’re good ones. Download! Enjoy! And meet me back here next week! (But first, make sure you visit 125 Records!)

Trenchtown Rock
Burnin’ & Lootin’
No Woman No Cry
Kinky Reggae
Stir It Up
Lively Up Yourself
I Shot the Sheriff
Get Up, Stand Up

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