I was all set to go with something else for Bootleg City this week, but then Doctor Eugene Landy had to up and die, so here we are, taking a look at Landylocked (which is, sadly, the last piece of Wilson-related bootleggia in my possession, unless you count the original Smile sessions).

The first thing you should know is that Landylocked is not Landlockedthat was a Beach Boys record that was supposed to be released in 1970 or ‘71. This here is a grab bag of ’90s Wilson solo tracks, many of them from the semi-legendary Paley sessions; I believe a lot of this stuff was earmarked for release on Don Was’ short-lived Karombolage label (”This Song Wants to Sleep With You Tonight,” for instance, was a b-side to a single from the I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times soundtrack).

A number of these songs surfaced on Wilson’s last solo album, the unfortunate Gettin’ in Over My Head, but I’m sure you won’t mind hearing alternate versions.

Download! Enjoy! Raise a bottle of pills in honor of the deceased Eugene Landy! Meet me back here next week for more bootleggy goodness!

Proud Mary
I’m Getting in Over My Head
You’re Still a Mystery
Chain Reaction of Love
Soul Searchin’
It’s Not Easy Being Me
Desert Drive
Saturday Morning in the City
This Song Wants to Sleep With You Tonight
Market Place
I’m Broke
Must Be a Miracle
In My Moondreams
My Mary Anne
Slightly American Music
Saturday Morning in the City (early take)
Soulful Old Man Sunshine
Out in the Country
Back Home (track two)
Back Home (alternate track)

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