I hope you’ve been enjoying our two-week burst of Lemonhead-fresh tunes, because to wrap it all up in true Bootleg City fashion, Robert has donated a collection of Lemonheads and Evan Dando B-sides, soundtrack and tribute-album contributions, collaborations with other artists, live recordings, and other rarities. Thanks, Robert!


N.I.B. (WERS, Boston: 1/11/88) (download)

A Circle of One (“Peel Sessions,” BBC Radio 1, London: 7/4/89) (download)

Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now (“Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now” single, 1991) (download)

Learning the Game (“Into Your Arms” single, 1993) (download)

He’s on the Beach (“Big Gay Heart” single, 1994) (download)

My Hero, Zero (Schoolhouse Rock Rocks!, 1996) (download)

Keep On Loving You (“It’s All True” single, 1996) (download)

I Don’t Want to Go Home (“If I Could Talk I’d Tell You” single, 1996) (download)

How Will I Know (“If I Could Talk I’d Tell You” single, 1996) (download)


$1000 Wedding (Purple Dragon Studios, Atlanta: 4/13/93) (download)

Silent Night (So This Is Christmas, 1994) (download)

The Ballad of El Goodo (Empire Records soundtrack, 1995) (download)

Hot Coals (Heavy soundtrack, 1996) (download)

Rudy With a Flashlight (The Inner Flame: Rainer Ptacek Tribute, 1997) (download)

Knowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA: A Tribute, 1999) (download)

Tongue Tied (“Stop My Head” single, 2003; recorded in 1999) (download)

Abandoned (live bootleg) (download)

Sin City (live bootleg) (download)


For Shame of Doing Wrong (with Syd Straw; Beat the Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson, 1994) (download)

Piss-Bottle Man (with Mike Watt; Ball-Hog or Tugboat?, 1995) (download)

It’s Up to You (with Ben Kweller; Brattle Theatre, Boston: 10/18/00) (download)

Love Song (Dando Lee Petersson Schwartzman, “Dead or Anything” single, 2002) (download)

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