For all those Sheryl Crow fans who were disappointed when they found out she wouldn’t be filling in for Christine McVie on Fleetwood Mac’s current reunion tour, I’ve replaced McVie’s vocals with Crow’s in the Rumours (1977) outtakes below. I couldn’t afford Crow herself, though, so I hired an impersonator. But she turned out to be a Cher impersonator, not to mention a he, so I ended up recording the vocals myself, even though I too am a he, despite what the nearsighted doctor first told my mom on September 25, 1975. But de facto Fleetwood Mac leader Lindsey Buckingham was the source of the studio-altered “female” vocals on the Mac’s 1987 hit “Big Love,” so it’s not like I’m operating without precedent here. Please enjoy my Sheryl Crow impression, and if it still sounds like Christine McVie, then there must be something wrong with your subwoofer.

Second Hand News
Oh Daddy
Go Your Own Way
Silver Springs [Version #1]
Silver Springs [Version #2]
Gold Dust Woman [Version #1]
Gold Dust Woman [Version #2]
Think About It
Don’t Stop
I Don’t Want to Know
The Chain [Version #1]
The Chain [Version #2]
You Make Loving Fun
Never Going Back Again
The Dealer

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