If it’s Friday, it must be Bootleg City Á¢€” and this week, our show comes to us courtesy of our good friend Old Davy, who had the foresight to record the following Indigo Girls performance as it happened, way back in 2000. More from the man himself:

Every February, the city of Tampa has its Gasparilla celebration. It’s kind of like Mardi Gras with pirate costumes. They break out the old pirate ships and sail them into Tampa Bay where they are joined by anyone (and everyone) who owns a boat for the Blessing of the Fleet. And then it’s party time.

There’s lots of drinking and parades and drinking and bead throwing and drinking and nudity and drinking and parties and drinking and concerts and drinking. And drinking.

One of the many concerts happening during the 2000 Gasparilla celebration was an acoustic appearance by Indigo Girls. The show was just Amy Ray and Emily Saliers with special guest Sandy Garfinkel. The concert happened at the Cold Storage Cafe on Saturday, February 5.

At that time, Tampa was fortunate to have a great alternative radio station called Star 95.7 (which, of course, now has a hip-hop or neo-country format) and they were gracious enough to broadcast the concert live. I recorded it straight from the tuner to my computer’s hard drive, edited out some long pauses between songs and some radio announcer cut-ins. (The technical foul-up at the beginning of Track 1 is the radio station’s fault, just so you know.)

I hope you enjoy!

Closer to Fine
Peace Tonight
I Don’t Wanna Know
The Power of Two
Least Complicated
Southland in the Springtime
Get Out the Map
Kid Fears
Shame on You

Thanks, Davy!

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